By unnamed - 26/07/2011 03:19 - United States

Today, I called my seven-year old son to help me with the ice-maker on the fridge because it wasn't working. Without even pausing, he turned the child lock off and started laughing at me. FML
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TheRealBruce 12

oh noo!

You just got owned by your son. haha


TheRealBruce 12

oh noo!

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

hmm they get smarter every day.

Is he going to wipe your ass too?

You got the wrong family guy character on. It's Cleveland.

^That shows how long it's been since I've seen that episode:/

No he didn't. The character in the picture's line is "oh noo"

Bruce? Is that you? You have a FML account to?

You have to be smarter then the lock, Wait. Bruce? Is that you?

TheRealBruce 12

oh heyyy it's Peter yay.

justbigbs 6

Well if they're are raised as a ethical, loving and caring person, its very possible, I KNOW there's a lot of people out there, but not a lot people would go that far.

Whoa! Hey Peter! Hey random gay guy that lives in my city! Who's coming next? Cleveland?

My_Name_Is_ 5!!!!!

jokes on u big boy

I'm sorry, what was the joke?

40 - your intelligence

Never heard that one, how does it go?

51- pure the window

congratulations, your son is clever instead of stupid.

You just got owned by your son. haha

haha guess that button useless

taught* epic fail -_-

Yeahhhh... that's the "epic fail"

KFC kills chicken!!!! ;)"

just remember. you may not be as smart anymore. but you roughy him everything he knows! haha fyl though. you should pay attention more.

taught* epic fail -_-

bengalsbaby13 0

hmm, looks like that's all on you kid hahaha congrats

Child locks — also able to double as adult locks

Ncallday 0

that's means ur getting old... very VERY OLD !

I would've laughed too.