Here in my car, I feel safest of all

By Geric Brawner - 12/05/2017 22:00

Today, my car broke down in traffic. It's okay though, everyone honked in support while I moved my vehicle from the busy intersection. Only the third time this month. FML
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Druu 53

It's pretty dangerous to continue to operate a car that seemingly dies regularly. You were fortunate to be on a local street instead of a highway.

"Keep honking! It almost started that time!"


Eashy 16

Rent a Car, have a friend give you rides, take the bus, or get a new mechanic to work on your "car."

Tiny Terror 19

3rd time this month? YDI, there are other ways of getting to and from work, without needing your unreliable car. In the days of Lyft and uber, help is but a button push away!

Not every city has uber or lyft access.

Not every one can drop 10 or more dollars to get to work then another payment of the same amount to get home.

Tiny Terror 19

I only used those two as examples, there are multiple other ways

Some advise my dad gave me, you have two options in buying a car. You can get a car so new that it doesn't break down, or a car so old that's it's easy to fix. I'm going to assume that you're unable to afford a new car. So find something that you don't have to worry about an expensive computer failing. These cars my not be as nice or have all the bells and whistles, but they are simple. A large portion of their problems can be fixed with a simple tool set in a drive way.

"Keep honking! It almost started that time!"

Druu 53

It's pretty dangerous to continue to operate a car that seemingly dies regularly. You were fortunate to be on a local street instead of a highway.

Randomness911 12

I admit to being curious about the year and make of the car.

Sounds pretty unreliable, what are you driving, a Lada?...wait, you said third time this month, not week. If you've looked after your car are getting it serviced regularly, change mechanics. If not, YDI.

I've been in a similar situation once when I lived in California. Driving home from work, middle lane & my car dies. I call for a tow & wait. Dusk has passed & it's basically dark, no lights in my car work. Honking ensues, eventually someone stops & pushes my car to the side while I wait. Besides that 1 person no one besides one woman just before the tow arrives asks if I'm ok/need help, that's California for ya I guess? Hope things improve with your car OP!

Dude. Driving a vehicle that fails on the reg is dangerous. Get it fixed or stick to public transport.

I only stalling in rush hour traffic once before I learned how to keep my car going. Fill the oil and check the gas every day. And set the points and timing every week.

You shouldn't have to set points and timing unless you live in the 70s. Even still, every week?! Timing should be fine for years after its set, and points on an annual basis.

1972 Pinto. Only 4 or 5 years old but already almost a wreck. The set screw for the timing would vibrate loose allowing the distributor to rotate. This one had the dangerously placed gas tank, too. You drive what you can afford.