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Today, I realised there's a reason that no one talks to the weird guy from choir practice. I was nice to him a couple weeks ago and now he won't stop following me around the school and watching my group at lunch from behind a pole. FML
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OP here. My friends and I checked him out and he has a history of doing the same thing to girls in his own grade (he's a year below me). He bugs them online and invites himself into their lunch group, as well as watching from behind poles. He isn't very physically threatening, so no one sees him as a threat, but more of an annoyance. And very creepy. I'm not rude to him, but I don't want to encourage the behaviour so I just ignore it. When he comes over to our group we start talking loudly about bras or tampons and he wanders away soon enough.

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The thing is, he's not gonna stop because he probably doesn't realise how creepy he looks. You should tell him once and for all, in a kind way, that the way he acts is a problem for you and your friends. It might hurt him on the moment, but it will be better for him on the long term. Hopefully, he will not act like that anymore with you or with other girls. I'm saying that because i was "that weird guy" some times ago (I have autism), and realising it allowed me to work on my behaviour.

Now's your chance to test your spy skills, stalk him back, REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY


Why don't you try and become good friends so he doesn't do that crazy shit.

Nah it's all good. Us Aussies don't go shooting up schools like the yanks do.

Yes well done #47. The one massacre in the last hundred years and shortly after we restricted gun laws and it hasn't happened since. Remind me again how many shootings there have been in the US this year alone? Oh..

Just talk to him again? He might be really nice?! Or tell him to stop...

Well I don't think telling him to stop would be very kind, some people are not good at socializing and so I think it would be nice If he/she would introduce said stranger to the group and allow him to sit with them and get to know him. I was perceived by many people as creepy in school because I am not the best at socializing due to my aspergers, but that doesn't mean that I don't have the desire to socialize and fit in which if I put myself into what she's saying he's doing, i would say it's more likely he does not have a friend or friends to sit with but he's probably very afraid of rejection or being laughed at which is what causes people to be timid

maybe he thought you were nice, but doesn't have good social skills to tell you he would like to hang out with you and your friends.

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I agree maybe he just wants to sit with you and your friends but doesn't know how to approach you guys.

It was a kind gesture! I would just avoid him for a while though, and report him if he does anything seriously creepy.

OP does avoid him. The problem is that he doesn't avoid OP.

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Maybe his social anxiety level is over 9000

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And his social skills are at a negative 5.

I'm inclined to say you should be nice to him because he might just be very awkward, but at the same time I understand it's annoying to have someone clinging on to you the entire time. Try talking to him and ask why he is stalking you. If he's just afraid of starting conversation with you, ask him to sit at your table. He might not be so bad.

Ya, I do feel bad for op. I always try and be nice to people that don't have a lot of friends, but it's difficult when they get clingy and don't give you the space you need too. Sorry op. Keep trying with him and maybe talk to him about needing some space. Keep being nice to him and others, don't let this one time affect other opportunities.

He's just shy. Maybe you should invite him to sit with you.

Whatever people say. I don't care....but I think that OP, you did the right thing.

be nice to weird people or suffer the consequences

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I think you meant "and" suffer the consequences.