By annoyedgirl - 04/05/2013 01:30 - United States - Ephrata

Today, I was forced to work with someone I absolutely hate. I then found myself starting to like him, until he shot me in the forehead with a stapler gun. FML
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HowAreYouToday 34

But do it with a twist. Shot him with a regular gun. Oh chaos. Delicious chaos!

coolboy675 16

Judging from your pic #1, would you have suggested using breast milk to shoot with?

It's not his fault you look like a stack of paper.

JFloUnknown 24
oj101 33

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Well no since I am not pregnant. Judging from your pic, do you hate Jews?

well if its a gun that can launch staples I'm guessing a construction job, so shoot him back with a 4 inch roofing nail gun.

But... We still have the other eye, right?

coolboy675 16

Try to hit me, try to hit me.. C'mon!

The buy guys are never as bad as they seem, or the good guys as good.

As a guy who buys things, I can confirm that we aren't all bad.

And as a sell guy I would like it to be made clear that I am a total bastard.

That was filthy! Nice guys go in deep.

Because nice guys always let the girl finish first ????.

Reminds me that no matter what girls say who they dislike, they will still continue to like assholes. And then ask why they can't find a nice guy. Too busy getting shot by a stapler gun.

AbstraktThoughts 13

What the fuckery **** are you talking about? I'm stuck between deciding whether this was a poor attempt at making a joke or whether it's just pure stupidity. Please show me where in the FML it refers to OP being a girl complaining about not finding a nice guy.

The username is "annoyedgirl." Doesn't make #7's comment any less stupid though.

My comment wasn't a joke nor stupidity, just simply stating what it sounded to me. The stereotype of girls dating assholes. That's all. And the last part was a lame joke intended.

Hence me saying "reminds me of" not "this is what it is"


It didn't seem lame to me! it seemed more painful than anything... but I did get the joke at the end! just wanted to let you know

She never once mentioned liking him in that way.

#23 "I found myself starting to like him" not defending the original comment just sayin Edit: read your comment wrong, true she didn't like him in a relationship way, my mistake.

I don't know why people are assuming she meant liking him in the romantic sense. I took it as she just started to think he wasn't that bad of a person after all... but obviously her first impression was correct.

CharresBarkrey 15

"My comment wasn't a joke..." And a few sentences later, "And the last part was a lame joke." You're not making any sense.

bishoujo 5

Her name is annoyed girl...

Funny how life's like that, right?

Shoulda trusted Special Agent Gibbs' gut.

16, since Cpt. Jack Sparrow is so humorous and at times rude, whenever I see your picture I imagine him working at a fashion shop, then when someone's checking out, I imagine him picking up some jeans and saying: "Sorry... We don't have these in fatass."