By emmaavk88 - 17/03/2014 12:15 - United Arab Emirates

Today, I had an elaborate fantasy of what I would do if I became a cat and how I would make my way to my crush's house to be their cat. FML
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emmaavk88 tells us more.

If that was true, double F my life! Luckily he isn't, I made sure of that -OP

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What if your crush is allergic to cats?

You've just taken crazy cat lady to the next level.


Way to throw in some mindless comment just so you can be first.

What if your crush is allergic to cats?

Then have to get rid of her. Defeated!

If that was true, double F my life! Luckily he isn't, I made sure of that -OP

... well at least he would still get pussy I guess...

Why isn't your bubble blue?

#51: Could be trolling. Could be a separate account. Lot of explanations xD

it says she has 1 comment and a follow up badge. its real.

any reason to suggest that your crush has a fetish for cats?

Alan, can you help?

I think when you post FML's, you have the option of posting them as anonymous/ choosing an alias? It explains how the usernames of some FML's work as a pun to the FML content. Maybe this is the reason?..

Hate to say it but I think you're one weird cat OP.

its just like the saying " I wish I could be a fly on that wall"... its not that odd..I've thought of similar things.

Weird enough to like this fantasy … until she meets her crush’s Doberman.

Sounds like someone's obsessed.

To be fair, I and other people I know fantasize about being cats and other animals. While we don't do it to imagine getting close to people, imagining what you'd do if you're a cat, or a wolf or a bird, isn't really that odd

Well now I feel like I have no imagination, because I've never thought about what it would be like to be an animal.

It's kinda fun, 24. No different than imagining having superpowers and whatnot. I imagine both among other things all the time.

If were an animal I'd want to be a lion but only a wild one.

To me it sounds like the plot of a manga I read once

Cat fetish, some people wear cat collars. You just had a fantasy.

A sexual cat fantasy/roleplay could be in your future. If he likes cats, that is.

You've just taken crazy cat lady to the next level.

No more like 10 at least

#45 Is this an RPG now?

... And then savagely bite your crush because they tried to stroke your underbelly?? Sounds like the perfect relationship to me:)

I think OP would be more turned on, if he was to touch her.

You must live a boring life, if you seek help everytime you have an elaborate fantasy. I'm sure OP is going to be okay.

Meth is one helluva' drug though

I've fantasized about being a rabbit. Those burrows look so nice and comfy... Point is, you're not alone.

I was about to say, I've had the same cat fantasy before...

You should read Watership Down. Those rabbits had the good life haha!