By nickern - 08/02/2012 00:13 - Australia

Today, I was willing to sit behind a truck doing 10km/h just to hear an interview with Robbie Williams on the radio. FML
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Please don't let me be the only one who doesn't know who Robbie Williams is

I thought he was referring to Robin Williams at first


I'm guessing you have a lot of time on your hands?

After reading this, my ears started to bleed for some reason

Because you're sat on the moon an all there is is a chalk board and an alien flew across and rubbed his shell butt down it creating the only known noise in space?

ROBBIE Willaims not Robin lol Was this show on the trucks radio? if not why not just pull over and then drive normally after it?!

AliCat18 12

#16 that's Robyn Williams! Robbie williams is a usless excuse for a singer! OP needs therapy and better taste in music!

Why not listen to it on your radio..?

how is this even a FML?! you surely enjoyed it, so why post it?!

Please don't let me be the only one who doesn't know who Robbie Williams is

melonrind 8

You're not....I don't either :)

K_kanaka 26

Me three i don't know who he is.

3. oh thank god. I appreciate you for saying that, cause I have no clue

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He's an English singer, was in 'take that', went solo, and is back in 'take that'. Girls love him for some unbecoming reason.

perdix 29

Please don't tell me I'm sharing an Internet forum with at least four people who don't know how to use Google (or another search tool) to answer a simple question. Ignorance is curable, stupidity is not ;)

10 relax. Nobody really cares that much. Anyway the guy sounds like European bieber -.-

He's not in take that, he's left again again! And what's not to love?

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No there's a lot of people who don't know who that is. My mom tea it and asked me

I thought he was referring to Robin Williams at first

#10 we are incurably stupid? Just because we don't know who a European singer is? i was born in Trinidad and moved to Canada and Google or not we originally didn't know who he was hence the comment, so you really need to relax.

rojukene 3

islander03, you can start with learning the difference between the words 'ignorance' and 'stupidity' :) You might then gradually become aware of what perdix meant.

Island: He's saying folks are stupid for not utilizing google. When you don't know something, just try to research it. I assumed it was Robin Williams at first, but then I decided I would read a little bit of the comments and then google it. But then I saw this thread and decided to post this message before heading to google, which I will do now.

I thought he was referring to Robin Williams too. I would completely understand if that was the case, Robin Williams is ******* awesome.

he's a british singer from a band called take that

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Who the **** reads google just to find out who a person named on fml? Perdix if u do that u have absolutely no life.

60, I agree, however if you don't want to take the time to google the information about the fml that you don't know you shouldn't bother commenting.

A guy at my school is called Robert Williams, but he's fat and has a moustsache.

Don't worry. I also have no clue who he is.

@10 I hate when people say that. I'm reading fml on my phone and in order to look it up on google, I have to close the app, go to google, go back to fml app, & find the story again. It's easier to just wait the minute it takes for someone to answer.

He's a singer. I would know his songs if I heard them but I can't name any right now....... He kind of dresses like the joker in spandex leather

Wait I've got it!! He only looks like that in let me entertain you. He's pretty cool

perdix 29

Better than ending up with a "driveway moment," you know, sitting in your parking spot after you've arrived at your destination to listen to something interesting on the radio. You look like a pedophile or a narc.

SeedlessMe 13

Wow, my father does this all the time. But I'm not sure which one he looks like more since he shaved the mustache... Hmmm

I do that allot. Only most of the time for music. Sometimes I sing along or just talk to myself. Usually after midnight.

Use your own car radio? I'm sure it's not too hard to find the right station, so very unnecessary that seems

IThinkItsAlright 7

If you go slow, you can listen better.. That's how I interpreted it.

perdix 29

I thought it meant that she was going slow to have time to hear the interview on her own car radio, but maybe you are right -- maybe she's listening to the truck's radio. If that's the case, I feel sorry for the truck driver. He gets all excited to think he's finally got a stalker, when he's just enabling a garden-variety Robbie Williams stalker.

Call me dorky, but I'd be doing the same thing for a Robbie Williams interview, so I really don't blame you, OP.

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Robbie Williams is the singer of Angels, aka the song that Jessica Simpson has butchered before i promise you've heard it before, and if you havent then you have heard millenium, go youtube Angels at Knebworth and you will see why people love him. And number 9 girls love him because he is incredibly sexy and can sing. And european bieber???????? are you freaking kidding me??? thats like comparing gold to poop

The guy who sung Feel or Supreme also, it's well known too. It's funny that so many people ignore who he is when he's absolutely totally famous in Europe.

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Lmao I'v done that before. Nothing wrong with it at all.!!!

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That's dedication. I'm sure missy Daisy would've looked like speed racer compared to you while trailing behind a truck's rear end