By dj163 - 16/09/2009 08:25 - Australia

Today, my (now former) best friend kicked me out of the band I started because I wasn't 'dedicated enough' after a 3 day 'holiday' to visit my dying uncle. He also during this 3 day 'holiday' convinced my girl friend to leave me and date him. FML
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Good choice with making him no longer your best friend. If she's that easily convinced and that easily betrayed... You're better off.

You play the bass don't you.


Good choice with making him no longer your best friend. If she's that easily convinced and that easily betrayed... You're better off.

@1 What lol? @OP Start a new band. Become great. Then teabag the guy who kicked you out.

tu sers a rien

ydi for starting a band

Why the hell was #1's moderated? o_o

Sounds like it's time introduce face to lead pipe.

I like this guy! You, OP, not so much.

@OP: um...kick his ass? How was that NOT your first option?

Now is the time to pull out the "I suppose now is the time to tell you that I've tested positive for AIDS" card.

YES!, Epic Win!

You should've been all like "F*ck yeah! I don't have to play with you shitty people anymore AND that dumb bitch won't annoy the fuck out of me anymore! Woo!".

this is when its time to curb stomp some bitches

Wow your life does suck

Wow how does he in anyway deserve this.. this is horrible his life sucks.

DUDE, You got 0WN3D!

Sorry dude. On the + side, if she's left you at such a time, you're probibly better off without her.

Agreed. Leave her. Good they deserve each other! Hope ur uncle gets better.

You play the bass don't you.


I lol'd.

Damn son, you sure can take a lot of shit from someone before realizing their douchiness. Its still okay if you wanna kick his ass, it'd totally be legit.

I call bullshit.

U really must be a loser, I mean that'd take a lot of convincing, 1 to get all the band members to agree to u being kicked out and 2 getting your gf to leave u as well, the guy only had 3 days therefore it must have been easy for him causing me to believe u r intact a loser!

nah, OP got PLAYED *badam dssshh*

Riiiight! A bunch of people talk shit behind his back. One instigator especially and he must be a loser for being taken advantage of while he went and saw his dying uncle. Your logic is retarded much like you and your grammar #8. It's shit people like you #8 that treat people this way. Eat a dick!

U dnt have much room to talk man. That profile pic makes u look like u do eat dick.

Sounds like an episode of Corey In The House! Your chick is such a flake if she goes!

How in the hell is this connected to a Disney show in any way, shape, or form?

FYL for having a crappy best friend and girlfriend. You're better off without parasites like that in your life. Chin up, there are better people out there, even if doesn't always seem that way.

Its pounding time!