By dj163 - / Wednesday 16 September 2009 08:25 / Australia
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  Girreth  |  7

You should've been all like "F*ck yeah! I don't have to play with you shitty people anymore AND that dumb bitch won't annoy the fuck out of me anymore! Woo!".

By  snavula  |  0

Damn son, you sure can take a lot of shit from someone before realizing their douchiness.

Its still okay if you wanna kick his ass, it'd totally be legit.

By  kadeouir  |  0

U really must be a loser, I mean that'd take a lot of convincing, 1 to get all the band members to agree to u being kicked out and 2 getting your gf to leave u as well, the guy only had 3 days therefore it must have been easy for him causing me to believe u r intact a loser!

  jciihn  |  0

Riiiight! A bunch of people talk shit behind his back. One instigator especially and he must be a loser for being taken advantage of while he went and saw his dying uncle.
Your logic is retarded much like you and your grammar #8. It's shit people like you #8 that treat people this way. Eat a dick!

By  GracefulDemoniac  |  0

FYL for having a crappy best friend and girlfriend. You're better off without parasites like that in your life. Chin up, there are better people out there, even if doesn't always seem that way.

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