By StairwayToEvan92 - 09/09/2019 22:00

Today, I ran over my third skunk in over 16 days. I should probably return my driver's license to the DMV. FML
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You’re supposed to steer to avoid critters in the road.


You’re supposed to steer to avoid critters in the road.

Wrong you Are definately NOT supposed to steer clean of anything on the road, so you don‘t risk driving against a tree or worse swerving into the wrong lane and hitting another car which would be way worse. You Are supposed to use your brakes, but NEVER steer out of your lane... Whoever taught you otherwise shouldn‘t teach driving and in fact should lose his/her license, since he/she is a danger to other drivers

ViviMage 38

You can try a storebought douché (might be a size problem, you'll need a few!), a quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a ¼ cup of baking soda, or just run your car through the car wash. We did the coin wash and decided that was good enough. If you're going to hit a skunk, avoid the tail! You run over the tail your car tires will make you stink! Not to mention every time it rains the plants around the dead animal will release the thiols.

Or start you own skunk elimination business!