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  mikeofthunder  |  13

Gee "mad" is a bit of a loose term there innit? Insomnia doesn't make one "mad", it's just their brain becoming to encumbered to effectively sort everything in reality.

  mikeofthunder  |  13

Woops! Incorrect inflection of "to" and retarded use of "encumbered" - which isn't actually an adjective.. But y'all know what I mean! Thumb me down like a bitch ;)

  mduffy08  |  8

I used to have insomnia, but I looked further into sleeping techniques. Those techniques help me have frequent lucid dreams, with the occasional sleep paralysis. OP should try a few, there are plenty online.


If nickownes1 is going to keep rushing to top comment, I'm going to need to explain a few things when people comment about his profile pic and get thumbed down from lack of understanding by everyone else:

His profile pic is a clear case of "DocBastard's bitch" syndrome, and people don't know when his pic is being commented on because so far, nobody has put the simple phrase "Nickownes1 pic is..." etc. when they try to make fun of his picture. Hopefully, this helped clear things up. 17# is the example I'm using, but the FML before had this problem too.


#51 Not trying to fill up the comments section, but sleep paralysis is akin to a real-life experience of Slender, where you can't move anything except your eyes and you sometimes sense a imaginary but often terrifying presence just out of sight. Definitely not something that should be worked towards having happen to yourself.

By  cheshireau  |  26

Kick him out for a few days while you rest. I'm sure his parents can look after him for the time being. Either that or put up a do not disturb sign and have him sleep else where.

By  Mideoyeo  |  12

You should lock the door next time! OR lable the soda in the fridge even though I don't get how it matters whose soda it is since you guys ARE dating.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

You must be getting thumbed down due to your grammar because your suggestion isn't terrible.

"If I was your boyfriend, i would've let you sleep and just grabbed a new soda."