Keeping it in the family

By Drew - 05/08/2010 05:18 - United States

Today, I discovered that my mom is having an affair… with her cousin. FML
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I am so amazed by this... not really I've seen this happen MANY times in my friend's families...

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the cousin could be on the dads side?

lol. I was thinking must have been Texas

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Despite what people may think, this shit is not normal in Texas.. There are weird people everywhere you go, shouldn't be stereotyped to a specific state.

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Well #5, this is just a random guess, but I'm gonna say his mom and his moms cousin? MAYBE.

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#5- People from Texas, that's who.

Eww. That is gross. I don't think she really thinks of this as an 'affair' more as 'family fun time'. She wants to unite the family, you know get to know each other better. ;)

OP's mom sucks related sausage!!! Ewwwww.

unless you're blind, if you read my profile it says PUERTO RICO! }:( gosh...

Are y'all in the Klan? White power! jk

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WINCEST are u sure u don't live in west Virginia? lol jk

or mabe ops adopted? but still kinda awkward since it's family

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your from Texas, and it suprises you?

Last I checked incest was common in Alabama, not Texas.

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This is why the south lost: Inbreds fighting for slavery. And to the people saying it's typical of where OP lives, don't mess with Texas: It's not nice to tease retards. Just kidding, yes it is. Just kiddinggg ;D All bad jokes aside, this isn't common in Texas. But it is ******* hilarious, hahaha.

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64: They say everythin is bigger in TX...that includes the # of ppl that keep it in the family

HEY! Don't mess with Texas you guys, them inbreds will **** you up!

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insesct is not the best so don't put your sister to the test

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hey smart ass, there's a difference between country bumpkins, "city folk", and rednecks. this here is a case if country bumpkins and that's still not normal for them or any others

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All of these Texas jokes are annoying.. maybe because I'm from Texas but they're still annoying. I did date my cousin once but I didn't know she was my cousin and after we found out we were cousins (5th cousins btw) we broke up so it doesn't count.

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you know you're redneck when...

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totally a southern thing!!! haha

who would even say he / she desirved it it's not his / her fault

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she's from texas. duuuuhhr.

Incest actually isn't common at ALL in Texas. It's mostly in the Appalachian mountains. Some of them are so inbred, their skin has a bluish tint lol.

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Does op live in the deep south US? If so, then that explains all

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hahahahhahahahhahahahahah1!!1!1!!!!! win

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uuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's disgusting!!!!

i dont get whats wrong with texas...

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This is the best thing ive seen in a while

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is it incest if they r ur cousin? can't cousins get married too? in some places at least I know they can.

Cousins = wincest. You can marry second cousins in a lot of places I believe, that would be only a little incesty (incesty is now a word).

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@shadowsbane, i didnt check where you live, but if you're in the USA, all states allow second cousins to marry. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Ballsack, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Iguana, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Kittenland, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia all allow FIRST COUSINS to marry. And a few more allow half cousins, first cousins once removed, and adopted cousins. So it's really all over the country, not just the south. But just because it's legal, doesn't make it not gross.

I didn't know my state allowed first cousins to marry. :-O

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lol 67-if you think that the legality of a possible marriage is the biggest issue here I just don't know what to say to you...

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Incest is best, put your cousin to the test. Jk But really, that's odd.

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My aunt married her cousin, it is legal. I don't approve but she's family so I can't quite say anything.

#116 nobody noticed the ball sack state wtf

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Incest: The game the whole family can play.

It's not actually incest. Your cousin is the first person you can date/sleep with ect and have it not be considered incest.

Her cousin is his Dad. I know, crazy right.

her cousin isn't his dad you dumbass, she's having an affair with him.

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His dad is her cousin on her mom's side; she's having an affair with one on her Dad's side.

she's having an affair with HER cousin not the DAD'S cousin...

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That may have just gone over your head, or maybe I worded it wrong. I implied (as a joke) that she was married to a cousin from her mom's side of the family, and was having the affair with one from her dad's side.