By daydreamer - 29/07/2012 05:12 - United States - Wilton

Today, I began to daydream about going on a diet and losing some weight. As I did so, I unknowingly reached for a giant bag of chips and ate the whole thing. Now, I have stopped daydreaming and am sitting alone and depressed. And I'm all out of chips. FML
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Join a gym? Or possibly a bootcamp, because you need the willpower and perseverance

You should daydream more often, but with a salad next to you.


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lemonademixer 7

you probably have no self control laughing your ass off about people who have eating problems.

my god why do I find people who nag about their weight all the time so annoying.....

...I can't help but feel similarly. Some people sound like they're stuck in a Cathy comic. Aaack, indeed.

Cause you're an ass. Y'know, weight can be a real struggle for some people. If you haven't had problems with it, consider yourself blessed, and don't be so intolerant.

Dorothy Horsman 8

or maybe you have self control and not call someone a ass for admitting they dont like complaining about weight gain the other causes on their own and do nothing about it...

mbusey 20

I agree with 2. If it's constant, it's VERY annoying. If it's occasional, I can deal with it. But I hate when people go on and on and on about it.

It's not about intolerance. If you had a friend who constantly complained to you about their problems with alcohol, yet made no real effort to get help, what would you do? You would support them- until your support becomes enabling. I understand that weight loss is a struggle for many, many people. We all have personal struggles. But at a certain point, when a person neglects the fact that their words and actions strongly affect the people around them and still makes no effort to help themselves, it's time to stop the coddling. That doesn't automatically mean you're judgmental.

I'm especially looking at people like OP who clearly can't deal with their erm, "problem" properly. I do think about my weight and that means that, for example, I don't eat potate chips, ever.

blackstar994 5

I'm with 2. This guy needs to either hit the gym or stop complaining. Sounds rude, but its possible to drop weight and bad eating habits. You just need self control. If you don't have it then don't complain.

Way to start the ball rolling with the pity party comments users are so so fond of in FML 8. OP is upset about his weight so instead of doing something about it he daydreams about losing weight all the while contributing to his problem. Had it been "I've been working out for several months and have been on a strict diet and am still alone and depressed", then yeah it's sad and I hope things get better. But this is NOT the case.

#8 If I sat here and wrote comment about me daydreaming of quitting smoking whilst unknowingly smoking a cigarette, would you feel sympathy for me? Chances are you wouldn't (not that I would blame you), but I can't see how losing weight is any different. If people don't attempt to help themselves and continue to complain about their bad habits, why should we feel any sympathy?

jayfreeman80 0

Maybe because the ARE damn annoying. Go on a diet and shut the **** up already lol

Exactly. The only way I would feel bad is if they made an honest effort to lose weight and failed.

cheetahbaby96 8

60- Exactly! I tried for YEARS to lose weight and failed, but recently I decided whatever I was doing was not enough. So, I eat about 900-1000 calories a day (I know 1200 is recommended, don't tell me I'm eating too little) and do 40 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. So far I've lost 28 pounds from the beginning of June. :) To all struggling with weight loss- I know it sounds harsh, but just do it!:)

For a lot of people weight loss is about getting healthier, not thinner.

Join a gym? Or possibly a bootcamp, because you need the willpower and perseverance

Insert the game portal reference about being adopted and fat here ___________________

insertnameherr 11

that's why my mom doesn't allow good things in the house :(

Damn i suffer from the same problem, and 36, you're lucky, my mom only keeps all the unhealthy stuff in the house. And she wonders why im overweight

Your picture goes along with your comment so much hahahahah

Being able to eat chips but also depressed about your weight, or losing weight and not being able to eat chips... Hard choice.

I feel your pain OP! Just comfort eat and sleep, that way you have no time to feel guilty!

peachesncreem 21

And gain weight faster. Great idea *rolls eyes*

HairyPunisher 27

13, the 5th comment was clearly sarcastic. I know sarcasm is hard to pick up on with texts but how could you honestly think 5 was serious?

luckyd880 12

Maybe run to the store from now on to pick up your snacks :)

blackstar994 5

Just don't get a lot of snacks...

the_anti_hipster 7

Or choose snacks high in protein, low in calories and fat. It's not that hard. If you know you have a problem with willpower, choosing a bag of chips and cookies probably isn't the best way to go.

luckyd880 12

Or just buy heavy items :)

consider that a final farewell to your chips and hit the treadmill.

I still can't wrap my head around how OP managed to eat a whole bag of chips without knowing...

lemonademixer 7

You should daydream more often, but with a salad next to you.

Time to substitute meditating for daydreaming (with fatty snacks in reach) for a little while perhaps? If nothing else, you may become more present- no more of that "unknowing" nonsense. And remember, air has zero calories!