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By  perdix  |  29

Why do you have to be so clingy and paranoid? Why do you assume he was going to cheat on you behind your back?

He was probably just trying to organize a lovely, little threesome for all of you. Jeez, what ever happened to old-fashioned romance?!?!

  43bubba34  |  25

Ydi for overreacting. Just because he had the number doesn't mean he was going to use it. Maybe he forgot to throw it away. Why do you care if he wanted the number back so he can call her? You broke up with him.

By  7g23  |  0

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  cidhighwind  |  0

who says the girls not a friend he ran into, there's atleast a dozen numbers laying around mine and my gf's place, hers are guys mine are girls, way I see it, if she's happier with someone else, have at it, she can be replaced just as easily as we got together, most of the girls I know are either ex's, or they wanted me but I was taken or vica verca. getting jealous over things you don't know is meaningless. if your un sure, ask believe it or not you normally get the truth

By  Metalman69  |  0

and did you give him a chance to talk? yes alot of guys are assholes like that but it could be a valid reason that he had her number with no altierier motives.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Ulterior. Not a nazi, just an educator in the making.

Anyways, agreed. I get numbers from girls sometimes and I just forget to throw them out until I wash my clothes or empty my backpack. I would never cheat on my girlfriend, I just couldn't care less about these numbers so throwing them away isn't a priority.

Next time ask him for an explanation and calmly analyze his reaction. No need to jump to conclusions: Now you're alone and on FML. They get you nowhere you wanna be sometimes.