By cannedpeas - 31/12/2014 03:26 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my aunt and uncle came into the restaurant I work at to give me a late Christmas gift. The gift was the $20 tip they left, which got divided amongst all the staff. FML
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cannedpeas tells us more.

Well this got posted surprisingly fast To clarify: they didn't realize that the tips we receive are for everyone, not just the waitresses. I didn't bother asking then for another $20 because I figured, hey, it's the thought that counts, and I ended up getting a decent tip pay that night anyways. Thanks for the nice comments :)

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Such a sweet family, making you serve them.....and work for the

thee_most_dope 30

If it was really supposed to be a gift, they could've waited for a more appropriate time to give it to you..and only you.


Such a sweet family, making you serve them.....and work for the

Pstraka6 20

To be fair, they probably didn't know it'd be divided amongst your staff, but still that's a measly amount as a Christmas gift especially too since it's not even a gift but 'tip'. Don't take it too personality though, they meant well

You were clearly born with a silver spoon. Maybe 20 is all they can afford to give? My aunt gives me €20 ever year for my birthday and Christmas and I never complain or saw it as "measly". Grow up.

I wouldn't complain about getting $20 as a Christmas gift either... but it's one thing to actually just give you $20 as a gift, and another to give you a $20 tip which means you worked to earn it. Even if they thought it would all go to OP, and even if it was a really generous tip, it's still a strange Christmas gift... Why didn't they just give OP $20 rather than making it a tip for their service?

They thought it would be cute to have my gift written on the receipt at the end of the night, with a little Christmas tree drawn beside it too. I wasn't upset about it, my tip share was good enough that it didn't really bother me too much. It was the thought that counts

Pstraka6 20

Funny thing I never was, I always earned my $ and 20 dollars went a long way. not it is a measly amount of you're dividing it up amongst people. Don't make an assumption on someone else's life. Or maybe I should say maybe you were born with a poor attitude towards others

You've basically back tracked everything you said in your original post. And you just made an assumption of me having a bad attitude toward others...Maybe you should practice what you preach :)

Pstraka6 20

Clearly you didn't read what I wrote properly. How is me saying it's a measly amount grounds for assuming I was fed with a silver spoon? Thats like saying to someone that they're from money or a brat if they received a gift wrapped in a plastic bag that was cheap and was disappointed in it. My aunt does this and its not only rude but disappointing because she has plenty of money and we give her more than 10x the amount she does with us to her and my cousins yet we receive poor treatment because she's cheap. The fact of the matter is that it simply is a measly amount. Generally Christmas gifts or a gift in general I would think should be meaningful and given in nice fashion. Too bad this was neither. If it was tasteful and still only 20 dollars that'd be fine and I even mentioned it's thr thought that counts. Also, it's Christmas and it's her Aunt and Uncle. If it was me, instead of spending the cash to go eat at the restaurant I'd probably save it, buy a card, write something tasteful in it and put the remainder of that cash in there for my niece or nephew. Then again though I would have to muster up the courage to spit out my silver spoon. Also I made an 'assumption' of you because you did just the same to me and now you see how ridiculous it is. You seem to think you don't have a poor attitude, which I'm sure you don't, but then how is it I can't make a generalization like such and you can about me?

It's the holiday season.. time for sharing?

thee_most_dope 30

If it was really supposed to be a gift, they could've waited for a more appropriate time to give it to you..and only you.

I think that is precisely the point of the FML.

tantanpanda 26

Yes, they should have waited for an appropriate time, but it's not like it was their intention to get the money divided amongst the staff.

Invest your share of the tip, wait a few years and boom! You'll have triple your original share, so around $3.

#7 And maybe YEARS later they will have (wait for it).......four dollars!!!

Tip shares are not fair to the people that worked for and deserved the tip. I'm sorry!

I agree! I could maybe understand the waitstaff having to share tips with the kitchen staff, because they work hard too but can't earn tips from customers... But with the entire staff? No way. If the other waiters aren't earning good tips on their own there's probably a reason for that...

Typically, the cooks are paid a far better wage. Cooks where I work make $15+/hour whereas servers make $2.13/hour.

Dreamsorrow93 24

It could of been worse. I once worked at a cafe and the manager when she thought no one was looking would skim funds from the tip jar and still expect a cut at the end of the night.