By mynameis - 13/11/2009 06:35 - United States
Today, I was walking to the parking lot from class while texting. When I looked up as I approached my parking spot, I noticed the words "F*ck you Dave" keyed into my car. Hi, my name is Clare. Who's Dave? FML
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  marz88  |  0

Posting at the top because I want to say that we have had waaaaayyyyy too many of these FMLs here. Can we only get those of epic proportions? Thank you. But yeah FYL

  nonynony  |  0

Only if it's in lowercase.

Capital D-A-V-E doesn't really looke like C-L-A-R-E, and I'd say people are more likely to write in capitals if they're doing something like keying a car, lowercase when writing on the internet. Who knows, maybe not. Just pointing that out.

  perdix  |  29

Back in my day, all of us kids had to take a class in Keymanship, so when we would go around vandalizing stuff it would be goddam legible.

It was a big waste of time, but we liked it, we LOVED it! Flibbity-floo!

  null_fml  |  11

Good eye, #9. I only have one beef with your comment. You're the only one so far that noticed that connection, so it's definitely not "obvious".