By Gordon - 22/07/2009 14:12 - United States

Today, I was standing by the bed naked, waiting for my wife to come out of the bathroom. She opens the door and walks over to me, swinging her hips, wearing pratically nothing. About four feet from me, she trips on the edge of the floor mat, and uses my 'junk' to catch herself. FML
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If you hadn't of been so excited she wouldn't have had as much to grab onto!


Let me be the first one to say that I'm replying to #1 to be on top, cause I am. But only because I have something really important to say: This one should definitely be made into an illustrated FML!! For real!

I am replying to the reply to #1 because I have something very important to say: #26 is a retard.

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Your junk is four feet long? I said something almost funny or I'm an idiot. I replied to the top because I want to be noticed. I agree with #43. Three of the werds are missspelled in this sentince.

No, but I'm guessing his wife is at least four feet in body length, probably actually five, making one wonder why she didn't just grab the bed instead.

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#46, who gives a **** if the word are misspelled?

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hey 46 she is not 4 feettall more like 5 feet tall

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If you hadn't of been so excited she wouldn't have had as much to grab onto!

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This is so retarded. Who sits on their bed NAKED and then watches someone else come to the bed "nearly" naked? Just the thought of this makes me gag... even if you both were actually hot (very very unlikely).

Because they were getting ready to have some fun, and a woman who is nearly naked is somehow sexier than one who is... That's why sexy lingerie exists. It's probably the "taking it off in a seductive manner" part.

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Ughsucks- I don't understand what grosses you out here. Please explain.

JackDupp 11

wow i bet your a lot of fun in the sack!!

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You are obviously an idiot and have never had sex before. When you're in that moment, there is nothing sexier than seeing your naked girlfriend walking towards you seductively. You suck.

I know, all i can (and dont want to think of) but end up doing is imagining old...wrinkly and yeasty people..

sugar_bear 0

he wasnt sitting he was "standing" which kind of makes it funnier....and more awkward. lol

not everyone is as fat as you Ughsucks...

Planning on being single for life then I take it?

Whoa_YouSuckk 0

lmao XD this is one of the only FMLs that have actually made me lol

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Lol OP hows THAT for a hand job? :P

OMG!! thats terrible :p and she didnt try to use the bed :(

LOL. Owww. I hope your junk fully recovers.

ouch!! damn that sucks! haha hope your junk feels better soon!!

Damn, that must have been a quick hj ;) I joke, I joke. Hope she didn't yank it too hard!

greenltrn2003 0 least she caught on to the frank and not the beans :-D otherwise the OP wouldn't be having any kids

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Sorry to the OP, but I had to favorite this. Best FML ever! :-D

Souja_fml 6

dude, I have TOTALLY seen your icon somewhere. A friend of mine made a poster with it on it...