By Anonymous - 25/01/2010 18:17 - United States

Today, I discovered that if you slip on ice, imitating Mario from Super Mario Bros when he attempts to stop himself slipping, won't work in real life. I now have a broken nose, as well as a blood trail running from my driveway into my kitchen. FML
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shoulda been luigi

redblueviolet 0

Doo. Doo. Doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doooooooo. Ah, crap, and you're all out of lives!


First Im sorry but wow

lol, agreed


Not true. Luigi's traction is far worse than Mario's, so whatever happened would have been MUCH worst if he were Luigi. Common knowledge, duh.

fudgnugget 0

should have been toad from super Mario advance 2 were they can pull stuff from the ground

Everyone knows that Luigi is a pimp and has been banging the princess this whole time. Better traction or not, if OP were pretending to be Luigi all woulda worked out fine!

ydi for being a Mario nintendo ******

Mario is the best. @gearsofwar2: Your a fag.

greenltrn2003 0

holy shit...I could have sworn that I was the only one in the world that thought Luigi was better than Mario root for the green guy

shoulda been luigi

Ajjas013 6

Maybe OP ate some bad mushrooms earlier.

un duh.

this is prolly the first "first" comment that i have ever seen that wasnt buried under negative thumbs by jealous bitches.

I find it adorable too lol


u mean like u

ihavenoname123 0

Maybe he had a little too much 'shrooms.

not anymore

hahahahahahe epic ****** fail!!! >_<

well duh, you weren't wearing the penguin suit :)

I think he was trying to rub in the oposite direction while still sliding backwards. penguin suit has perfect traction.

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thtnerdykid 0

You have a good point. I'm in love with that suit =]


#3u rock

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LOL! *Favorites*

really? magic mushrooms make me see sour patch kids running all around my desk...

You're doing it wrong! Just wait until you get to the underwater world.

foxboy2010 0

it's ok -gives OP a green mushroom- u have one left...

redblueviolet 0

Doo. Doo. Doo doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo doooooooo. Ah, crap, and you're all out of lives!

1337_RoXxXor 4

It probably would have worked, if Op was just as awesome as Mario, but i guess its no shame not to be.

HaiToThePeoples 0

#3! lol! :D

xxhappyninjaxx 0

the word epic fail comes to mind....

The phrase "that's two words" comes to mind.

bittersweet_by_n 0

comma splice, bitch

xxhappyninjaxx 0

I'm on my iPod touch... it auto corrects it

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xlostwithoutu 0

I'm on my iPhone too and they auto correct many things so STFU

xlostwithoutu 0

don't be a grammar Nazi regardless. it's annoying and people hate it.

lol, that's great

No, it wasn't. There was a comma where a comma shouldn't have been, but it was not a run-on.

There's roughly a 1:5 ratio of 'I agree, your life sucks' to 'you totally deserved it'. Whaaa? From what we know, how the **** did the guy deserve it?

lexie206 0

He deserved it because in my opinion it sounds like he tried slipping on purpose, trying out something he saw on a video game. people should have common sense and know video games ARE NOT REAL

He didn't slip on purpose, lexie. He just tried to stop himself with something from a video game. Either way, it's totally a YDI.

Giant85 0

uh he was imitating Mario bros. 1) it's a video game 2) it's very unrealistic. I think he deserves it

lexie206 0

ah yeah you're right sorry, I read it wrong at first. I still say YDI though.

DanTheMan678 0

Video game addict :/ fyl