By Imaman - 28/05/2011 04:09 - United States

Today, I was working at a retirement center, when an old woman came to me and asked if I would like her old clothes. I politely said, "I'm sorry, but I'm a guy." She then said, "You could have just said no, instead of rudely lying to me." FML
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that's when you whip out your dick and say see!!!

"Ask me about my Weinerrr"


FYL, I have to say xD

I mean he could've just pulled down his trousers but then again it was a retiament

dude looks like a lady

pwned. by an old lady. burn sssssssss....

Unless heshe realy did lie...

"Ask me about my Weinerrr"

I'm curious as to why you capitalized "Weinerr."

"Dude looks like a Lady".(:

And dude sounds like a lady too if he couldn't convince her when telling her ! Double FML

Lol double FYL! I feel sorry for you....

did you not finish your comment? 'cause I'm guessing you meant to say, "the girl who cried wolf doesn't relate to this fml at all."

Hmm, maybe you should grow an beard =)

maybe you should learn which indefinite article to use for words beginning with a consonant.

48- shut up! I really hate you grammar nazi bastards…

that's when you whip out your dick and say see!!!

what if he had a small penis? "today, to prove to an old lady, I showed her my penis. she laughed at the size and walked away. fml"

better start hitting the gym, girl :p

motherfuck Dre, motherfuck snoop, motherfuck deathrow! Yo' n here comes my left blow! - Eazy E

judging by all of the thumbs down your comment has received and simply reading the comment, you should follow your picture's advice and shut the fuck up

^^ What she said.

So, you're saying that Your Life is Fucked because an old lady doesn't believe you're Lady Gaga?

lol yeah I have to agree^ that's a major win