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Today, a customer threatened to smash my face in because I wouldn't give him a veteran's discount on a donut. He looked like he'd eaten his way out of fat camp, and it seemed the only action he'd seen was fighting his way into a lard factory. Still, he swung fast, and I now have a black eye. FML
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If you said that to him, I'd punch you too.

I think what a lot of the commenters are missing is the fact that it's a DONUT. It's not accommodation, or basic food, it's a luxury. If he can afford a donut he can afford full price.


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Why exactly does he deserve respect? Especially when he was making threats?

He deserves respect as he served our country but it was rude of him to make threats and hit op

You shouldn't be forced to respect someone if they aren't showing respect back.

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Spagetiokillers 8

Clearly the point is that hes so out of shape that it is very hard to believe hes a veteran.

This guy could have easily been lying about being a veteran just to get a discount.

Respect is something people earn not something they are given. How do you know he wasn't lying about serving the country? Yes people who serve our countries are great but like I said, respect is something to be earnt not given away and someone who makes threats and the follows through with the threat doesn't deserve any respect

Respect101 17

I'm going to the military, in fact I have a physical tomorrow for the Marines. When I retire, I'm not going to fight over a veterans discount. The discount isn't much of a discount anyway just a few cents. I don't see why this veteran, if he is one(we don't know), would fight over this little of money.

@27 - Do you include slim people who eat fast food, get drunk, do drugs or just don't ever work out in that little philosophy or is it only fat people who deserve to be treated with disrespect on sight alone?

cryssycakesx3 22

they usually are just a few cents, so I don't see the big deal, on either side. you usually just give the loud, annoying customer something to shut them upper and keep them moving, even if you have to eat the few cents yourself.

If someone isn't entitled to a discount, why should someone give them one anyway? It may only be a few cents but if they aren't entitled to the discount and they receive one anyway, the person who gives the discount can get in a lot of trouble and it can be taken out of their own pay in some cases. If a situation gets to the point where a certain employee can't handle what's going on they shouldn't just give in to the customer and give them the discount, they should get help from a supervisor or manager.

I don't care of he has served 20 years overseas if he hits me it ain't going to end well for him that's for damn sure

#96 Well obviously this tubby man would have whooped OPs ass. No point in trying to get e tough after you've already been bitchslapped.

# 100 or you can just stand there and let him bully you if that's what you prefer

jeragonm 15

He could be old. I know veterans who are old and round. He served our country, and he shouldn't have been refused in the first place by OP. If he wasn't refused what he deserved, then he wouldn't have threatened OP. Yes, he shouldn't have threatened OP, but OP shouldn't have been rude.

jeragonm 15

But if they deserve the discount, like the man might have for being a veteran, it should be given in principle alone. OP didn't say he wasn't a veteran, in fact OP said a the man threatened to hit OP if he didn't get his veterans discount. This implies that the man WAS a veteran, and should have gotten the discount-- regardless if what it was on and his overall physical shape. OP was rude and should have apologized.

incoherentrmblr 21

I thought only Homer Simpson would do such a thing over a doughnut, especially one with sprinkles...

108 - so by that logic, just because he threatened OP means he's a veteran? I guess I'll start threatening people and get some discounts on stuff.

my dad did 23 q/2 yrs in the navy and if he asks if they have a military discount and they don't he doesn't get all bent out of shape about it lol. its only a 10% discount so let's say a donut is 2.00 dollars. 10% of 2.00 isn't much lol

I'm confused by logic in this thread, some of you are saying he wouldn't threaten op about the veterans discount if he wasn't a veteran, I'm 23, if I threaten to punch the next person who doesn't give me a veteran's discount, would that make me a veteran? no, it'd mean I was lying to get a discount, just like this guy could've been, doesn't mean he was, either way, he shouldn't have punched op

um guys, (107 & 108) the store probably doesnt do the discount, or even maybe not on doughnuts/small items. maybe he didnt have his id to prove it. these were the things left out that were implied to people like me. yes, op was too mean after the fact, but come on he got punched in the face so obviously he hates the person now. just because a veteran wants a discount on something that isnt applicable, doesnt mean the cashier should give in and and make one up out of his ass and get fired. but you cant really have respect for the op either since they were so harsh on fml...

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

27- you don't exactly look like the pinnacle of fitness, so why are you giving hate to people who are out of shape?

There's no evidence that he could've kicked op's ass. Getting a cheap hit in means nothing.

I'm gonna say it, I don't see why we must pay respect to people who have a ****** up sense of not getting killed.

badluckalex 23

ITS A DONUT! this fatty is trying to get a discount on a 1 dollar donut?!!?

The OP doesn't deserved to be punched at all! The customer can't just demand discount, he would need to provide proof first. Then there's the question of whether the store actually does the discount. It's not OP's fault, and just because he's served doesn't give him the right to physically harm someone. Most of you say he should be can you respect someone who has been rude and threatening to you regardless if he was/had been in the service or not.

#130- In fairness to OP, if someone had given be a black eye over something so petty I would hardly have nice things to say about them.

@#108, Unless the donut shop where OP works doesn't offer a veterans discount in the first place and this "veteran" was just being an entitled prick. Plus OP never said that he said all those horrible things to the vet, it was just the description of them.

incoherentrmblr 21

#113, you can get 1/2 dozen for $3, and 1 doughnut for less than $1 in some places...

My father is a veteran and though he lost it all he had previously weighed around 350lbs after he served... Do not judge a book by its cover.

Because he served our country! Doesn't matter how he treats his body! How about you go out there see the things he saw and still take care of yourself when you get home.

If you said that to him, I'd punch you too.

bob and weave bud, bob and weave...

Respect101 17

Whether he said that to his face or not, it's still rude of OP to say that about him. No one deserves to be insulted that much even if they got punched. But the guy doesn't need to punch a guy for a donut, unless the guy is stealing the donut..... my donut.....

AnOriginalName 19

Even so, it's unfair of OP to judge like that. Veterans are allowed to get fat after their service is done.

I didn't think he actually did. And I know the guy who punched him was wrong to do so, but no one deserves to be insulted like that. I would totally side with the OP if he didn't insult the customer. I also know he made these insults after the fact, but by making those insults I'm kinda okay with the fact OP has a black eye.

nellbell414 13

I was thinking the same thing, it definitely sounds like a portion of the story is missing

Are you kidding me? How many of you would say nothing but respectful things to someone after they were an asshole to you and punched you in the eye? I don't care if he was a veteran or not, after this experience, I wouldn't think too highly of him either

RedPillSucks 31

It doesn't sound like OP insulted the customer in reality. I think he's just describing how he felt, not what he said

I feel like part of the story is missing. If he really was a veteran he probably didn't snap just because. I myself am a veteran and I work at dunkin doughnuts. We have a 25% discount for veterans, but most people don't even know about it. The only 2 people that ask for it come in every day.

#102 I think it's more of the fact that the man's weight had nothing at all to do with his attitude or the FML itself. That could have easily been left out and probably would have never been mentioned if he wasn't "fat".

Or AT LEAST put significantly better. I understand his need to describe how this man did not look like a veteran, but the phrasing was uncalled for.

First off, does the company give discounts to vets? Not all companies do. Second, vet discount can only be received at manager's discretion or with presentation of a -valid- government-issued military or veteran ID? Fatass punching this kid just shows he wasn't a veteran, and if he was he was a shitbag who deserves to pay full price for his fatty cakes.

DanShowsNoMercy 13

I don't like how people in the armed services automatically think they are the far superior ones.

While this man may have, not all of them do. And most really deserve our respect.

I don't like how ungrateful people think there opinions are automatically relevant.

Respect101 17

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#53^ I think you need to change your user, because you shouldn't be teaching anyone anything.

#3 marines don't think they're superior. They know they are, just ask them. :p mandatory marine bashing aside. Most military members actually do think they're "special," like licking windows special for joining. On topic most military guys don't ask for veterans discounts on little things. And they definitely won't throw a temper tantrum if they don't get one.

#3 you go dodge bullets for your country, be willing to go to war for your country so that everyone else back home can live a safe happy free life, I know people in the military who don't act like they deserve special benefits ir respect, but I give it to them anyway, because guess what? They're the ones that will be fighting for you if another country wants to take over your home land, they deserve the same respect as fire fighters and paramedics. Anyone who's willing to risk their life for you should be respected.

As a veteran myself, you really have no idea #3 lol. Most vets are laid back, respectful people. Of course you get some here and there that are douche bags, but that doesn't magically change an entire group of people.

What is wrong with you #3 how about you go over to Iraq and have a 13 year old with a ak-47 shooting at you or with a bomb vest now do you really think that it's not hard enough to deal mentally with that little less try to act superior with the few jerks that act superior most have not been in action they deserve more respect than a citizen alone can give

@106 - lol, MTE. I'm a vet and my husband is still serving. Sometimes we ask if they do a discount if we're on an expensive day out or something but it's not something we go around demanding or expecting. Side note: our local donut shop gives a half dozen free donuts to any servicemen in uniform :)

QueenofWheels 13

Because most are duh. I don't see you getting on the front line.

I don't agree with threatening people but you sound like a real ass hole and probably deserved it.

I think what a lot of the commenters are missing is the fact that it's a DONUT. It's not accommodation, or basic food, it's a luxury. If he can afford a donut he can afford full price.

Are veteran discounts discounts given only to veterans who can't afford necessities? If that's not the case,if he could prove he is a veteran who's viable for the discount he should be able to receive it regardless of how he looks like or whether he can afford the doughnut.

He punched the guy behind the counter. Either he's unstable or he's not a veteran. Either way, no donut.

no but 33, that might mean there isnt no discount at all for that donut at that store. where i work its only applicable for orders $7 and over..

@133,if the guy didn't prove he is a veteran or there was no discount at the store obviously the customer shouldn't have gotten a veteran's discount. The customer should be able to get the discount if he is viable for it,but both of those situations render him not viable. Unless the customer is a regular at the store/the OP was informed the customer was mentally unstable the OP had no way of knowing that before he threatened to and assaulted him.

If he qualifies for a discount, then he should get the discount. OP completely deserves it for making it all about the guys weight. Do thin veterans get denied a discount too or just the fat ones?

kingdomgirl94 29

Is veterans discount an American thing? I've never heard of it used before. What types of shops usually give veterans discounts?

A lot of places. Mostly grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

It's not usually food stores. My husband gets discounts at Lowe's and a few other retail stores. Yes, it's an American thing.

#8, some places in Canada offer veterans discounts too (mostly restaurants and hotels) His weight shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not he got a discount. If he served and the establishment offers a discount he should have been entitled to it when he asked.

Maybe the store didn't offer a discount but he demanded one anyways. Or maybe he didn't have proof that he was one on him. I feel like if the store did and he had ID, OP would have given him the discount.

It would be a military discount. Depends on the place if they have one

39 & 8 - In the UK some places do a military discount (though you're more likely to get a discount for being a student than for serving tbh) but you need to show a valid service ID which you would only have if you were currently serving. In the US, afaik, you can get a discount for being current service personnel, ex-service personnel or a dependent of a service person.

At my work, a kind of small town farm/grocery place, we are authorized to give a 10% discount to veterans.

24: Does Canada even have a standing army right now?

114, they do have an army, but I'm not sure they know about it.

i think it's a need for china to learn ro improve the quality of life for the retired veteran

114 & 120 - are you ******* kidding me?! Yeah we have a standing army, yeah we know it's there, clearly that was you trying to make a little jab about you thinking we don't do anything with it. Which is completely wrong, as our troops have been deploying to Afghanistan for the last several years and oh yeah, if I remember correctly, Canada actually was involved in both the world wars when the US only deigned to join at the last possible moment.

I was agreeing with you, until you brought up the world wars. We decided to join at the last minute? We decided to join because of Pearl Harbor, little girl. It's a common joke to make fun of Canada's military just like its a common joke to call Americans fat so please just sit down and get your facts straight before you even attempt to compare your military to anyone else's

It's not a joke to make fun of Canada's army. We are primarily a peace keeping country, that's how we use our army. We have fewer people in it because we don't need a big army, though that doesn't mean we aren't grateful for them. And don't call her "little girl." That's needlessly rude, and made me disregard the validity of your comment.

kingdomgirl94 29

160's point is that American didn't give a **** about WWII until it directly affected them; which is pretty selfish when millions of people were dying. Its a common joke among the rest of the world how late to the war the USA was... three years to be exact.

kingdomgirl94 29

In comparison, Canada dove into the war immediately, as soon as our allies needed us, Declaring war a mere ten days after France Over the course of the war, 1 million Canadians served, which is ten percent of the population. Not only that, but Canada had built the 4th largest air force and the 3rd largest naval fleet in the world. We also trained many pilots in allied countries. Ever hear of Juno beach? 14 thousand Canadians stormed the beach unaided on D day, fought off an onslaught of German soldiers, freed three cities, and secured the bridge that was critical for the allied invasion. Without access to this bridgehead, the entire plan would have failed. Heres a little back up quoting if that doesnt convince you. "John Keegan, eminent British historian who wrote Six Armies in Normandy, stated the following concerning the Canadian 3rd Division on D-Day: “At the end of the day, its forward elements stood deeper into France than those of any other division. The opposition the Canadians faced was stronger than that of any other beach save Omaha. That was an accomplishment in which the whole nation could take considerable pride.” Many countries in Europe who had been liberated by Canadian soldiers to this day still have memorials and days in which they thank the Canadian service for liberating them from Nazi control. More recently, Canada has been leading efforts in Afghanistan and, gasp shock and awe, has even been put in charge or leading many American teams. Canadian Peacekeepers take this shit seriously, and our military is actually top notch. Just because we don't go around bragging about how amazing our military is, doesn't mean its shitty or useless. It means we're humble enough to know that what really matters is helping people, not striking fear in them when they hear we're coming. So yeah, real funny joke there.

Don't get why people are down voting you? Sorry if we three are proud Canadians who dislike people thinking our military is a joke, particularly when in my case, my dad has been serving in our "joke" of a military for over 25 years, gone on countless tours, risking his life for our freedom. Doesn't seen like a joke to me. On another note, I don't see how I'm a "little girl" when I've actually paid attention in my history lessons. Like stated above, the USA only joined the wars when it directly affected them, and then proceeded to take all the glory and think it was all about them, so no, I won't apologize for that.

Yeah, I work at Walmart in the sport goods department. we sell fishing, hunting, crabbing, etc. licenses. if you show a military I.D. its free.

You show respect, you receive respect. ( most of the time )

No you dont, rude people everywhere

You must have forgot. The customer is always right, even when he is an idiot.

No, the customer is not always right. That saying has been hijacked and sent on a runaway train so people can be jackasses in businesses.

Check out - not a scam, just a funny site

I genuinely feel sorry for people like you who work in retail/food service and have to deal with this nonsense every day.

I guess it depends on what area you work in, but I work at dunkin doughnuts and I get maybe 1 rude customer a day max. Most of them are nice or neutral.

Sometimes, the customer isn't always right.