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  ktbird  |  0

@62 is right. You should report him for animal cruelty. No one deserves to die like that, not even a skunk. Whether or not they take you seriously depends on the laws where you are.

Either way, I just don't get how people can think this is okay. They also feel pain,

  ShadowedHuman  |  5

but did it get rid of the pest problem?

it would have been better if the skunk lived to tell the tale to his family and friends.

"some bitch lit me on fire. we better not go back to her place."

or even better

"some bitch lit me on fire. let's gang up and spray her whole place. then set her on fire."

  Jayodi  |  0

When I first read that, I started to laugh. Not because lighting a skunk on fire is funny, but because of the way it just hits you. The stench that is o.o I agree though, that's fucking horrible and the guy should be reported.

  Straka  |  0

#117 wow I really doubt that, ur just tryin to be funny but ur not, just a complete fail...

lmfao on the skunk on fire, and is the spray flammable 2? cuz then u got natures flamethrower

  UberFail79  |  0

Is it weird that I automatically thought it sounded like something Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2 would say? Just put a "One time, ma buddy Keith..." and it's perfect.

  caybree  |  0

Everyone On this thread is seriously perverse and apparently place no value on life. It's really gross I feel bad for you all for being such disgustingly bad people

  lets_be_ian  |  5

I believe a more efficient skunk would simply have started the stop drop and roll, and executed the spray in parallel with the roll maneuver, thus saving time, and possibly life. but your point is taken..

burned skunk != dead skunk for certain

  hoopstar15  |  0

it doesn't matter if his girl was a cat, leopard, frog, or a freakin dragon...pepe was still a skunk....who was apparently burned. so he still won't get his girl