By pritch44 - 17/06/2010 16:12 - United States

Today, I found out that we have six skunks under my shed. While I was mowing the lawn, they all came out and sprayed me. FML
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Lol. Time to contact a vet; they usually know how to deodorize. A vet specializing in exotics or maybe even a ferret shelter could possibly point you in the right direction. Just by all means, call them; don't just drop in >.<

don't let dogs know where they are. they tend to always get sprayed when they are around which is not fun espicially If they are a house dog


Sucks for you

Lol FYL op, I heard taking a bath in tomato juice gets rid of the smell.

dude WTF that's so nasty all 6 you would need to bath in like gallons of tomato juice to get rid of the smell

i eat skunks for breakfast


Actually Tomato's don't work... at all. There's not much you can do for the stench.

I call bull, you could have ran before they all conspired to line up so they all could have a squirt at you

mmmmm... you smell that ? thats the smell of a fail :)

lol XD that sucks....

awwwe flower loves you :) if anyone gets that they'll be my new best friend

awwwe flower loved you :) if someone gets that they'll be my new best friend. (this might be a repeat my first attempt didnt show)

ahhhh you got it :))) new best friend :)

nice Bambi reference. Flower's cousins sound like little bastards though

go kill urself... fyl

get into alot of beer, soposedly beer can mask it... then again you would smell like your drunk or having a hangover... FYL

you had the lawn mower. you could have got swift revenge if you catch my drift

skunks "let's ambush this motherfucker!" spray...lmao fyl op that really does suck

is your name kate ? first you have 8 kids then 6 skunks. kate + 14 now.

That is HORRIBLE.... I feel like throwing up when I smell one skunk... But 6? Haha. Sucks.

this comment is a win.

in response to 4 do people seriously just have enough tomato juice to fill a bathtub lying around the house? this isn't sarcastic I'm actually wondering 0_o

Operation: Gas You Out Complete Sorry OP it had to be done xD

holy crap, yeah, it does smell like crap

That's what I call STANK

it's fun to invision this one...

ths guy at my job who is from africa saw a skunk when he had recently move here from home and he totally went like "here kitty kitty"

holly shit... you have to spray them and use gas it helps tottaly

lmao! Wow im so sorry OP lol that sucks

I discovered that my dads ranch is inhabitet by bears but I'm sure a broken arm and deep cuts and a broken spine by a fucking bear is not as bad as getting spraid by a skunk, this is no fml! quit being a pussy

so mow over the skunks that will show 'em

damn that sucks

hey #10 candy is dandy but sex won't rot your teeth