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Today, I went on a blind date and we seemed to have hit it off nicely. I asked him if he could drive me home. Along the way he stopped on a pitch-black road and told me to get out so he could take a picture. He then gave me my bag and drove off, leaving me stranded in the middle of nowhere. FML
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Hey guys! This is OP and let me tell you the whole story lol. This actually happened last year and usually I don't go out (social anxiety) my friends knew this, one of my best friends set me up with him and she said he was cool and "nice/trustworthy" I was hesitant to go because I didn't think it would go well.. I was right. We met up at the mall and hung out for a bit, talked, I was surprised I had a semi good time and saw him more as a friend. The only reason I asked if he could drive me home was because I didn't have any change for the bus and I was quite in a hurry to go home, he said sure and along the way he told me about some more of his interests and how he and his friends go "ghost hunting".. Of course I thought this was weird but I have a pretty open mind.. This is where he was getting creepy. He stopped at the pitch black road because apparently there was this tree where when girls stand beside this tree and a picture is taken, A man is seen standing next to her, he told me to get out of the car, he actually took my picture and then it seemed he had a phone call, he called me over to take my bag, and he drove off.. (Another car was behind him) thinking he would come back, I patiently waited, he never came back, I called this guy a bunch of times asking him what was going on and why he left me there.. All I got was his voicemail.. And then I got a text from his "friend" saying: "take a taxi home, we're at Burger King". I panicked and called the police, I broke down because of an anxiety attack, I had to walk a long dark path just to find a street where they could come find me, I explained my situation, I unfortunately didn't get his licence plate number. I guess the police felt a little bad for me and dropped me off home. I slept it off. When I got up the next morning he sent me a text with the following message: "hey! I had a great time last night! I sure did", I told him he was a psycho path and there was no way of a second date, he then responded with "awe I'm sorry baby.. Xoxoxoxo". Some people are truly messed up

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why would you believe him? *sudden urge to take picture on random dark road*

I'm sorry but "Take a taxi home, we're at Burger King" cracked me up xD It's good though that you got home safe without more creepers coming your way though!


why would you believe him? *sudden urge to take picture on random dark road*

To be honest as I was reading this FML I was preparing for a much worse ending........

1 It's not like she could stay anyway, I'm pretty sure the guy could force her out of his car if he didn't want her in there.

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It's called a "blind" date because OP was left in the dark...

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Omg this is scary hope your okay

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Wow I have never had a date go bad enough that I wanted to leave her on the side of the road. I did have one that we got almost all the way to the restaurant and I faked an emergency so I could just take her back home.

I'm thinking OP omitted the part of this story where he asked her for a ******* and she said no, and then he eventually decided to kick her out! But yh, he's still a douche!

Same, I thought she was going to say she died. Jk lol I'm not dumb


I like how he gives OP her bag at least. Oh wait, it's Canada, he probably said sorry as he drove off. Lol

Oh, snap. I bet it all happened in a flash, huh? I hope you had friends you could rely on to show there cameraderie and escort you home!

If he had on sunglasses and a black suit.... Come on OP, you know a "picture" would've been a bad move.

You obviously deserve this for going on an actual date. Didnt you know that the new thing is to avoid all social interactions with humans and proceed to buy the cat lady kit online? Or is that just me?

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Could be worse, could have taken advantage of you or hurt you. Find him, and find a way to return the favor.

I agree, at least he didn't steal your bag, OP.

Least he didn't try rape you in the middle of nowhere I suppose.

I just can't understand what his motivation was to do this in the first place? OP said they hit it off and things were going well... Why all of a sudden would he just get the urge to leave her stranded in the middle of nowhere? What does he get out of that? It would actually make more sense if he had some sinister plan to rape her, but thank goodness he didn't!! I'm surprised OP got out of the car to begin with!

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It's possible that she confused him being kind to her throughout the date, with mutual attraction. He definitely wanted to make sure that he didn't lead her on.

I don't know, this guy doesn't seem like the "be nice even though you don't like them" type. He literally kicked her out of the car alone on a dark road. I get the feeling OP is just really bad at reading people.

But someone else could have. He left her to walk home from the middle of nowhere. Hardly safe.

Isn't this the way horror movies start?

If someone that I've only just met asked me to step out of a car on a pitch black road in the middle of nowhere I'd be thinking I'm going to be a next victim of some psychopathic serial killer, I wouldn't have gotten out, to be honest. He does seem like an unchivalrous prick for leaving you, but I agree that it could have been worse. Glad you made it safely home (I'm assuming this from the calm post on fml) and hope you've learnt from this :)

It all seems really sketchy OP but at least your alright

If he was a serial killer it wouldn't have mattered if she'd gotten out of the car or not. In fact she prob would have been safer getting out of the car so she could try to run away.

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I wouldn't want to kill someone in my car... Too much evidence left behind. Maybe we should review kindergarten safety and not get into cars with strangers, folks.

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Maybe only after getting her out of the car he realized there just might be enough evidence around to track him down: logs on whatever dating site they used, witnesses and cameras in the place they were at, photos and emails, stuff like that, and he quickly changed plans/panicked. On the flip site, now he knows her address.

78, where does it say anything about a dating site? And I don't see where it says he knows her address, since he dropped her off in the middle of nowhere.

Well #85 how was he suppose to bring her home not knowing her address? OP probably told him, even if he had other plans apparently..

You've never just given someone directions from the passenger seat, instead of giving them your address and using GPS?