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Today, my dentist dropped dead of a heart attack. This depressing event was made worse by the fact that he collapsed while his hands were in my mouth. FML
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Hey, OP here. So as a quick update, there are several things I want to add. 1. My dentist was 65, very healthy, and his passing was very unfortunate. But now he's with his wife, who passed away from breast cancer about three years ago. 2. It says 'Employee' at the top because my mother was one of his dental hygienists, and I had worked for him as a secretary for a few months before he died. 3. The dental hygienists in the office obviously started CPR right away. They even shocked him twice, but he wasn't responding to anything. Paramedics took him away in an ambulance, but nothing they did was successful. It's quite ironic because my dentist always used to joke that he required his hygienists to have lots of CPR training, etc, because he was the one who was going to need it. We always thought he was kidding, but unfortunately, that was exactly what happened. 4. For those of you saying 'she deserved it' or 'why didn't she start CPR,' or 'her breath killed him lol,' understand a few things. One, I don't see how I deserved it, but that's your opinion. Two, I'm 19, I don't know how to perform CPR, and within a minute, there were three certified, trained, professionals tending to him. Three, even if it was possible to kill someone with your breath, my mom is a dental hygienist. My teeth are quite nice, if I do say so myself. Thanks for all your nice messages, and I hope you never have to experience something as terrible as I did.

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Going to the dentist was bad enough as it is :/

y'all are so negative! leave her alone, shes nineteen, a dentist died while taking care of her, cut her some slack. OP - hope you never have to experience that ever again.. at least youve got nice teeth! use them to smile at the haters. xx


Going to the dentist was bad enough as it is :/

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I'm not sure what type of dentists you guys go to, but I love going and getting my teeth cleaned :/

Haha, I actually have a positive association with the dentist's office. When I was young -- okay I'll be honest, even now I do this -- I was always the kind of kid that would go crazy with brushing his teeth the night before and the morning of the appointment. I always got lots of compliments on my teeth when I went and there was rarely any work that had to be done. On top of that it was nice having really clean teeth, I mean, I appreciate hygiene as much as the next guy, but I was a kid, and I didn't exactly keep up with it!

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ya 66 .. I agree w u. as a kid I always brushed my teeth before my appointment. got them nice and shiny. I think most kids do coz their parents make them.

Guess its better then having his finger up your ass

Holy shit FML.. Someone literally died, and everyone is cracking jokes and making puns.. You should all take a look in the mirror, and think what you'd want people to say after you die.. I'm all for funny jokes and realize the purpose of the site, but in my opinion sometimes serious is serious for a reason, some things aren't jokes and shouldn't be

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He'll definitely be experiencing mourning breath now.

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OP may need some mental floss to get rid of the experience.

#29, I've been frequenting this site for years, and I'm almost certain that's the best pun I've read. Ever.

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I think 20's pun is better.

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#73, Yep, what a way to put a guy down, puts a damper on the old ego.

Reminded me of the Buffett song. I appreciate that. Though when I go back for my crown in two weeks I think this fml is going to be stuck in my head. Watch me have a second heart attack from the stress.

Your picture makes me need therapy.

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#79, that made me laugh harder than it should have

Did you try giving him mouth to hand?

Sometimes that happens when something else is in you. Thankfully it was only his hands. Sorry OP.

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I don't know about you, but I've never heard of someone collapsing dead while their body parts are in someone else..

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My friend's dad died from a heart attack while her parents were having sex.

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Why is that cold? It's terrible that the dentist died, sure, but dentist visits are rather expensive and it doesn't appear that the services were fulfilled. I wouldn't want to pay for a traumatic experience similar to the one OP took part in.

Something like this happened to me once, at the optometrist. She was going to do some tests, turned around, and knocked herself out on some piece of equipment hanging from the ceiling. I went and told the front desk and they called an ambulance and rescheduled my appointment, and I didn't need to pay at all.

#56, I'm not saying OP should have had to have paid, I just think that the comment was extremely heartless. Not even a "that's sad"!

At least he wasn't filling a cavity right?

Can you imagine if someone was getting their wisdom teeth pulled and this happened...The tooth is almost out but the dentist/doctor dies and is holding the tooth still. Sorry, just thinking to myself...

If they were getting their wisdom teeth out, they would most likely be asleep anyway

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Dirty mind was thinking he wasn't talking about a tooth cavity.

Actually.. You can be awake when your wisdom teeth is being pulled out. My mother was wide awake when they did hers and all they did was numb the area.

You should have, not you should of. Why won't people learn? Sucks to be you OP, there's nothing worse than witnessing someone's death.

Yeah op please told me you at least called an ambulance at started CPR??

Guys, surprisingly enough plenty of people aren't first-aiders. Also, I'm pretty sure that there's normally a nurse/assistant in the room too.

@36 First Aid should be mandatory for everyone. I'm sick of people thinking that you can actually start someones heart again by just doing CPR, when really its do keep some of the blood circulating until a defibrillator is accessible, and also that is nothing is done, brain damage stars to occur after 4 minutes. I have thought their would be a defib at a dentist's, and if so this poor man could have easily survived.

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Hard giving mouth to mouth with a numb jaw... I picture flopping lips and a lot of drool.