By Anonymous / Wednesday 14 January 2015 01:50 / United States - Wilmington
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  alitairi  |  18

^thats why he put figuratively in parentheses. he said literally for over exaggeration, but figuratively so we all know he knows what they both mean.

  Cely988  |  29

#35 First of all, #8 is a she, not a he. 2nd of all, I didn't "spaz out". 3rd of all, writing English correctly won't kill you so how about you stop "spazzing out" when someone tries to correct someone else.

  greekk  |  21

While being a grammar nazi, second of all and third of all don't work the way you think they do. Secondly and thirdly are fine, but not the way you put it. so please stop being nazi when you sound like a sped. biggest hate is those grammar freaks. pls leave.

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