By Anonymous - 14/01/2015 01:50 - United States - Wilmington

Today, we got a new Roomba. I set it to clean and came back an hour later to find shit smears all over the floor. Apparently, one of my cats had done his business in the kitchen, and the Roomba had dragged it around the entire first floor of my house. FML
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Or another thing FML is for. Who has time to Google anything, when you can just scroll down?

Its good you dont know that means youre not lazy good job!

Paying someone else to clean up instead makes them just as lazy...

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they don't tell you that in the commercials lol thanks for the laugh OP. hopefully it wasn't ruined and/or you can clean or replace it.

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I like the way 5 people have replied but his question is still not answered

Maybe it's a Poomba.. It's crap, but it's all I had to throw on the floor, I mean comment wall, or whatever, well shit you know what it mean.

I mean. Auto correct changed, I fixed it, and it still switched back. Can't wait to get rid of this iTurd.

Only if one of the OP's other electronics is named Timon. Of course the OP's cats are Simba and Nala.

wait....if Scar and Mufasa are the only male lions in the pack...WHO IN THE HELL IS NALA'S FATHER?!?!?! I SMELL SOME DISNEY INCEST HERE!

Actually, there was originally a song in The Lion King that hinted that Scar raped Nala, so...

57, thats pretty much how lion prides work.

Do you actually think anyone cares about you because of how many likes you get for judging someone?

it would be hilarious to see your cat/dog one day sitting on it while its cleaning your living room. Thats just comedy

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They have videos of this. YouTube it. My cat used to hate my roomba, but now she tries to play with it or completely ignores it.

You've cat to be kitten me right meow!

This is literally ( figuratively ) my worst nightmare.

I suggest you look up what the words literally & figuratively mean before you use them in the same sentence.

that's a good oxymoron though... but still doesn't make sense.

He put the parenthesis there so no one would soaz out and lecture the shit out of us

Yes, having to clean up a little cat shit sounds much worse than some insignificant thing like nuclear holocaust. You need to upgrade your nightmares.

^thats why he put figuratively in parentheses. he said literally for over exaggeration, but figuratively so we all know he knows what they both mean.

#35 First of all, #8 is a she, not a he. 2nd of all, I didn't "spaz out". 3rd of all, writing English correctly won't kill you so how about you stop "spazzing out" when someone tries to correct someone else.

While being a grammar nazi, second of all and third of all don't work the way you think they do. Secondly and thirdly are fine, but not the way you put it. so please stop being nazi when you sound like a sped. biggest hate is those grammar freaks. pls leave.

#58 FYI, English isn't my native language so obviously I won't know everything. Also, stop being so butthurt, it's amusing.

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lol, #50, the "spaz out" wasn't referring to you. I guess it applies now.

Robots and cats plotting together to make our lives miserable? I sense a plot to destroy humanity.

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This doesn't even deserve a pun. That ******' sucks.