By somuchhatesolittleworld - United States - Houston
Today, I started my first training day using an MRI machine and completely forgot to remove my nipple piercings before I went in. I've never experienced a pain so vile and lingering in my life. FML
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  snarkytruth  |  37

Don't understand the hate #7 is getting?
He gave a good setup for a great visual joke from #19.
#7 deserves a little love too.

Great job though #19.
When you text is it automatically considered sexting?

  orangejubejube  |  20

They probably wouldn't suspect to need it right away and don't keep a hand hovering over the button. By the time they realized what was happening someone would have pushed it, but the damage would already be done.

  harperska  |  10

When you really think about it, why should impaling your flesh in only one specific location be considered normal and acceptable, while impaling your flesh anywhere else on your body is considered weird and deviant? If you have no problems with ear lobe piercing, logically you should have no problems with any other body piercing.

  olillia  |  16

My cartilage on my ear easily hurt more than my breasts, but men have more nerve endings there than women (breastfeeding and all). For SOME people it increases sensation when they're touched. For SOME people, it's a good way to reverse inverted nipples. A lot of women see better milk flow after having their nipples pierced. Some do it for their partner. Some people do it for themselves, whether because they think it's pretty or to give them more confidence in their body, whether someone else is seeing it or not.

Nose piercings hurt WAY worse. I'm covered in piercings and my nipples were definitely one of the least painful

  kibble50  |  11

personally I don't feel like they have hurt that bad and I've had them pierced twice. I also got mine redone because of the confidence I saw after the first time( first time was in rebellion to parents to show freedom of being 18)

  negb  |  30

85 - definitely agree with the confidence thing (and rebelling lol)
86 - It all depends on the person, I guess. My nostril hurt way more than expected but wasn't my most painful. I think I expected it to not hurt cause so many people have it.

  ghostoflalonde  |  12

If pierced correctly it shouldn't hurt all that bad. The problem is that a lot of pierced don't adjust for the specific person's body and often -- especially on men -- end up piercing too deep into the flesh. That's why some people say that theirs took forever to heal and may or may not still have problems with them in the long run. Mine barely hurt at all and took a very short time to heal.

  negb  |  30

100 - I don't think it depends on if it was properly pierced. Of course that matters but that doesn't stop the pain. It would obviously hurt more if done wrong but you can't say that there's hardly any pain if done properly. Everyone has different pain levels.

I've never heard of the whole "too deep" thing.

By  Mathalamus  |  24

isnt that among the first things you do when you work near an MRI machine? if i was being assigned, there, i would be triple checking myself for anything metallic.

and then wondering if my own head counts as metallic. its pretty dense. :P