By sad-sexed - 06/09/2010 12:50 - Australia

Today, I was lying on my bed with my boyfriend. I didn't really want to have sex so I told him I would if he really wanted too, but I wouldn't enjoy it. He then started to undo my pants. FML
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YDI. If you didn't want to have sex, then you should have told him that you wouldn't have sex.

You offered it. He took it.


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it's not rape if she said he could do it ydi for giving an option when u didn't want 2

you have no control over your life OP...sad!

Why not just say no? But granted, asshole bf.

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OP what the fuck? you shouldn't have said that. YOU are always the one who has a say of how far you'll go if the guy is willing to go all the way. I had a boyfriend who would always ask for sex and I was didn't want to because 1) my uncle killed himself 2) my bf treated me like shit so why would I want to sleep with him? he would tell me I should give it to him even if I didn't want it, and it was selfish of me to not give him what he wants. I hate him. OP, dump him, the relationship will only get worse.

Pics or it didn't happen

Score!! jk, dump that asshole

suck his penis

I don't see why you have the right to whine...

is english your first language?

Dammit 43! I was going to say that! :p

why is this an fml if you said he could do it? dont give him an option for something then get mad when he doesnt take the option you wanted him to, just straight out tell him....seriously, guys don't take hints

op. ur dumb. u shoulda told him u didn't feel like it.

LOL @ 39. xD

Generalx3 is your name Sara wong?

Kay you said that you would, so there's no fml here.

24- Coconuts is cheating on you

FYL for not wanting to have sex... I always want to lol. Good thing my bf is the same way

Horny people are funnyful!!! :D XD

#90 totally agreed, that was exactly what I was going to say

164-or it could get her dumped or cheated on. or she just may never get laid again.

How does your uncle killing himself have to do with you not having sex?

because its not rape...

Are you retarded?

"Yeah we can have sex if you want" *has sex* that's rape how

haha hey he still might enjoy it

YDI. If you didn't want to have sex, then you should have told him that you wouldn't have sex.

nice hair, love a girl with bangs.

my be she is a Bible nut. Which basicly say woman will do what man says and wants. before people go off the deep end yes i'am currenty reading it but don't know where the verse is at though but go read it and you will find it.

In that case, she would have straight up said no, as they aren't yet married.

68, you're an idiot and are just parroting what others have told you about the bible. You're telling others to read it but it's obvious you never read it yourself. The verse you're referring to, dimwit, does tell women to submit to their husbands. But what you're leaving out is that the very next verse tells husbands to submit to their wives. Isn't that what relationships are all about? One day you do what he or she wants and the next day they do what you want? that's the way things should be. But unscrupulous people who don't believe in God or the bible and want you to feel the same twist those verses around because there's millions of morons like you who just repeat their crap without looking it up for themselves. The best part is that you never read it for yourself but you tell others to go read it, saying it's in there, as if you're a bible scholar and have read it several times, just can't quite remember where it was.

91, you're pretty ignorant yourself by saying people who aren't Christians have no morals. oxymoron as it is, because your bible says that only god has the power to judge others. so please don't ever breed and further populate the world with such ignorance. there are good Christians and bad. just as there are good non believers as well.

I love a girl who bangs. ps. stop spamming this site with ur damn issues over religion. you silly willys. I bet u thought I'd say something profound. no so fuck off u knuckleheads

91 I still am reading it. seems you only read half of what i said or part and I don't remember that but I could be wrong but I Shure it did not say that since if you read it you will read stuff that God has said women should not be over man. I'am stil reading the Bible front to back like a read book not look for others too. it human or man choose's (the free wil) that let's women be just as power full. I have no problem with that and I treat them better then a man. like you should even when I'm with a girlfriend I never make her do anythings she does not want I just ask and they say yes then ok, if they say no then ok. Now do you know why we have a rainbow that in the Bible after the flood? what about king David and Soliman? how about Joub (spelled wrong) and the moral of his story? how about the four part statue that represent the 4 greet empires? how about Debra the only female prophet that God allowed to be equel or over man? what about a eye for eye and who will takes care of it? what's the first sin? how about what we are allowed to eat what meats and what not to eat? I can remember yhe passage or why but how about when 3 men were throw in to a fire but everone saw 4 figurs walking around the 3 walked out (4th figur was to believed to be Jesus)? What is blasphemy truey is? (it says it in the Bible) What about Samson and delilah? do you know what's in the Ark of the Covanent? (it's not just the 10 commandments and says it in the Bible) they are out of order but I can keep going on about what all I have read so far. I know some don't like this being in here but it is.

i ment "I can't remember the passage" not I can.

having a religion is like having a penis, it's fine to have one and be proud of it, nut don't wave it around in public and try to shove it down my throat.

119 Ultimate win!

@94 you don't appear to know what an oxymoron is. An oxymoron is a short phrase with conflicting meanings, such as a perfect hell. Actually, they are being hypocritical if they were to judge someone whilst preaching that only god can judge

119 with the ko!

if you don't want to, SAY NO.

119: and especially don't shove it down the throat of children ;)

While I agree with you, I don't think this is why OP wrote the fml. I think she wrote the fml to complain about the bf's lack of sentiment

You offered it. He took it.

Well you kind of set yourself up for that one didn't you? Next time just tell him no.

yeah I agree

Yes, she should have told him straight out no, since it's been proven over and over again that men DO NOT TAKE HINTS On the other hand, women are constantly testing their men to see how much they care, therefore all the hints and roundabout ways of saying things. Stupid, yes, but hey.... If he really cared, he would have cuddled with her, etc, not go on to fuck her after her telling him that she wouldn't enjoy it. He obviously doesn't give a shit bout her feelings or her enjoyment in something like sex, where both partners should be able to enjoy the act OP, tell him that he's an asshole for still having sex with you, and explain that you offered it to him anyway because you care about him (unlike he cares for you)

129, the point is, a relationship shouldn't be a woman constantly testing her man. how are we supposed to ever be comfortable in a relationship if we are constantly being evaluated. and the second point is, don't bet what you can't lose.

fyl for having sex when u don't want to

ydi you gave him an invitation.

ydi for not doing anything about it. u should have slapped him

Why should she slap him she said he could

would that conversation go like "we can have sex but I wont enjoy it". "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HAVE SEX WHEN I DONT WANT TO" *slap

Fail OP. If you don't want to have sex, say no. End of story.

Girls are like that, they lay impassable traps just to whine about it later, be it in rl or... online. YDI you prick.

to guys that's like an open invitation.