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  Oceanborn_fml  |  24

Thanks so much for this. I've been googling for turista but the only real hits for the word were a horror movie named Turistas and the fact that it apparently means tourist in Spanish....

  ChiefKoala  |  30

I actually went to Guatemala, and like you said #8, basically don't eat food you don't trust (Like from street vendors because meat could be undercooked or veggies washed in tap water), don't drink anything with ice, don't drink the tap water and don't open your mouth in the shower. Also you should listen to things about mosquitos; that is, don't open windows unless they have a secure netting and ALWAYS wear bug spray if mosquitos are an issue where you're going. You can also vaccinate yourself against certain things before leaving. Also if anyone does go out of country, you should invest in ciprofloxacin. It's to help with any nasties you might try bringing home with you (like dysentery and whatnot). Now these are just some of things the leaders of the medical team I went with told us before we left. Always consult your primary care doctor before taking any medications, also google does help too, even if it tells you you have cancer 80% of the time.

By  juuuliaaa_fml  |  19

Hope it get better and you enjoy the rest of your time!