By Nic - United States
Today, after sleeping in, I finally sorted through a stack of mail I had been putting off and I found a Jury summons. Thinking it must be coming up soon, I checked the date, my appearance is scheduled for 7:45am on November 16th. Today is November 17th. FML
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By  RySean  |  0

You can still show up... At least in San Diego you can go up to two weeks before, or two weeks after your actual summons date... I imagine the rest of CA must be similar.

  Reyo  |  2

Just don't get caught in that trap like was done in that one movie.

"Yeah, I never got it."
"Ok then, well it says that the balance you owe is due by October 18th."
"But it says here it isn't due till the 31st!"
"Oh so you DID get the notification."

By  maskater  |  0

Mhhh... I have a stack of mail I've been putting off as well. (Worse still: look what I'm doing instead.) This kind of situation happens, even to functioning members of society. Best to fix it responsibly, and keep a wry smile on your lips for good humor.

By  DocsWifey  |  0

Honestly it's not that bad. I've ignored two jury summons in the last 3 years and nothing. I've also had a few background checks for jobs since then and nothing comes up.

By  Soup_fml  |  0

Pretty sure they only bother to do anything about it if so many people fail to show up that they don't have enough to form a jury. And since the first day is just orientation, I kinda doubt they're going to send cops after you. Just go in tomorrow and it'll be fine.