By Anonymous - 06/10/2016 19:01 - United States - Tallahassee

Today, while checking my voicemail, I noticed I had received one from a job that I've been trying to get in for months. Too bad they called two weeks ago. FML
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If you wanted the job, wouldn't you expect phone calls or voicemails from them? Sorry OP, but YDI.

If you are searching for a new job you would think that checking your voicemail would be a priority.


If you wanted the job, wouldn't you expect phone calls or voicemails from them? Sorry OP, but YDI.

usnwife 18

Sometimes my phone glitches and wont show any missed calls or voicemail until I go on and open the voicemail app. And sometimes my phone doesn't ring and even when it's right by me it goes strait to voicemail so I don't think to go check voicemail all the time... Granted, I know that it happens so I like to think I would be smart enough to check if I was expecting an import phone call, but everyone screws up so who knows.

ashyash90 8

Yes, but if you really wanted a job, wouldn't you call them to follow up with your application? I'm a recruiter and honestly, the most serious applicants take that extra step if they have heard from us or not.

If you are searching for a new job you would think that checking your voicemail would be a priority.

When job hunting, always check for missed calls, voicemails and emails. Sometimes even post!

xoxoblondee 31

Maybe you should check your voicemail more than every fortnight?

You saw the perfect opportunity to use the word fortnight and you took it. Good on you.

Depending on where you are from the word fortnight isn't a strange word to use in this context. In the U.K. its the only way to describe a two week period

Sadly, in the US, we tend to use the ambiguous word "biweekly" which can mean once a fortnight OR twice a week.

xoxoblondee 31

I'm from the US, but saw the opportunity and took it! I hate "biweekly" because it CAN mean twice a week or once every two weeks. I want a twice weekly paycheck....

British ppl are always strange especially with awful accents n awful food and always horrible teeth And don't understand why you people act proud to be called subjects outside of middle ages yes f**k your life cuz I wouldn't touch u ppl with a 10ft pole

R u honestly retarded fortnight biweekly every 2weeks obviously all mean the same amount of time Let's just add a dumb word not used often in Us y cuz u think ur cute or again truly brain-dead retarded

I applaud ur using an electronic device when u most certainly do have a severe form of mental retardation A normal minded even just dumb ppl Wouldn't Think Biweekly means twice a week U think a job gonna give u paycheck twice a week ur an idiot

Zerocool- With the way you type I wouldn't go around calling anyone stupid. However, points for a very accurate user name...

33 - Based on how prefixes work, biweekly *should* actually mean twice a week and not every two weeks at all...

I don't know what to tell you, man. Learn to check your voicemails more frequently.

You're probably safer in your current job. With your level of attention to detail, you probably would have gotten fired anyway... seriously a dumbarse move on your part...

You should call them back and just play it off that you were playing it cool. They'll be impressed with your confidence and bad-assery.

abraybro 27

An obvious YDI on this one. Like what everyone else is saying, maybe next time you shouldn't ignore any voicemails.

You should call back claiming you were cutoff from your phone because you were helping with Hurricane Matthew clean-up or fighting ISIS in Mosul. Choose a good current event. Don't say you were too busy robbing Kim K.

ashyash90 8

Oh good call but no self respecting business or recruiter would believe that.

Kill urself and ur stupid name Richard Pencil u virgin actually understand how anything works its a company they would take some information if u was on phone after the word hello still not getting that company has quality control and normally either has calls either recorded or monitored atleast and they would question y u didn't call back wat u have one chance left to call? Or if their employee doesn't try to contact u right back but no not even aware of caller ID at normal offices loser my god kill urself please ur mother should have felt the sickness which is u and aborted or dad shoulda pushed her down stairs to get free abortion

pharm121 21

Was this your cell phone? You didn't see the missed call and voicemail symbols glaring at you in the face every time you opened up your phone? Ydi

zeffra13 31

My iPhone often doesn't give me the "missed call" or "voicemail" notifications. Or I'll get a voicemail notification but nothing listed in missed calls, like not just no notification but no call listed in recent calls. So it's entirely possible it had more to do with her phone saying she hadn't missed anything.

ashyash90 8

Also possible she's lazy and expected for the company to wait on her. Newsflash, whether there's a notification of a missed call, voicemail, alien abduction ,etc. you should be following up with the place yourself if you're really interested. Where I work, I call applicants myself. I give three chances. Other places, they'll get your application/resume but won't even call you but rather expect you to call them. Usually those are higher up positions or more serious jobs but still.... If anyone calls any job saying "oh sorry I never got your voice mail two weeks ago and it never dawned on me to call and check" they would turn you down. Idk maybe McDonald's or Walmart during the Holliday season wouldn't but OP said it was a job they cared about so I'm guessing it's not them...