By facingit - 08/11/2010 10:32 - Australia

Today, I was told that I look like a cross between Roger Federer and Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently I have a big forehead and a squished face. FML
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Both NPH and Federer are awesome and far from ugly. Suck it up, crybaby!

WARNING: OP is fishing for compliments.


At least they didn't say you have the orientation of Patrick, and the feminine look of Federer! That would have been gay.

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ja jou afrikaaner. cheers from USA. Altyd a boer. ek is 18 net uit high school. oop dit gaN goet moet jou :)

Neil's freakin' adorable though.

f**k you OP, NPH is the chizz u dumb compliment fisher

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I love Neil Patrick Harris. him and his life partner just adopted infant twins.

Neil Patrick Harris is a hilarious actor! I <3 him on How I Met Your Mother

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don't talk about the NPH like that lol

#24 *Sigh* Yes, yes. You know what I meant. So literal, aren't you?

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NPH is legen, wait for it... dary!

perdix 29

I think they mean you are Rafael Nadal's fabulously multi-talented bee-yotch!

NPH is the bomb! be happy about that.

Thank you for saying the bomb. It takes me back to the nineties when I last heard that expression. Awesome. Neil Patrick Harris is indeed the bomb.