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fishyrael tells us more.

OP here! I definitely found this funny pretty much as soon as I stopped crying, lol. I don't really drink both from low tolerance and disliking the taste, but I keep a box of Seagrams around for social drinking only since it's not very hard and you can't really taste the alcohol in it. It was a D&D session and another player's character died heroically trying to protect all of our characters and had a huge dramatic sendoff. After our characters escaped and everything died down, we agreed to go back and recover his body, which we're keeping on ice to resurrect as soon as we're able. My character was very close to him so I had roleplayed with him a lot. When the session ended with the character still dead, we all decided to raise a drink to him and I broke out one of the Seagrams in his honor. I was fine. The DM was fine. The player with the dead character was fine. We all knew we'd get him back in a week or two. But man...I finished that can and some kind of floodgate opened. We were just talking about the session and how cool everything was and I just started sobbing over it until I had to leave the call. As soon as I sobered up I was cracking jokes about it, but I thought the sheer extent to how intensely drunk I got off so little was frankly depressing, especially when the rest of the group was doing rum and vodka in his name!