By Anonymous - 08/09/2014 10:55 - Australia - Perth

Today, I was told by my teacher that she had 'given up' teaching me because someone had told her I have a mental illness, and that I don't understand what she says. FML
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I guess she doesn't like to be challenged or work harder than she has to. Regardless of how long she's been teaching, a professional should never say this to a client...

The teacher should be inclined as a teacher to do a little bit more investigation to find out if said accusations were true.

Even if they are true, what business is it of hers? She's a teacher. She gets paid to teach. A "mental illness" hardly excludes a person from being able to learn.

although the teacher was clearly in the wrong a "" mental illness"" can very, and if its bad enough that person as a human being deserves to be taught differently for the sake of their learning.

lexiieeex3 32

Regardless of if you have an illness or not, it's her job to teach you no matter what. Damn this woman is just a terrible educator.

colton_colton 49

Tell her she couldn't teach in the first place so what difference does it make?

Somebody obviously gave up on trying to teach you grammar.

lmfao... this is probably the highlight of this FML.

why does everyone have to jump on the grammer police train everytime someone makes a ting mistake. like you haven"t ever made a grammer mistake.

actually it was *tiny and *grammar. But the first mistake was called a keyboard error you donut.

#50.. Capitalizing a sentence helps, too.

Breaks my heart to see people needing to pick on small grammar mistakes to feel fullfilled in life.

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It's a tradition to purposely pick on people that rage about grammar.

Haha sorry for to all the grammar Nazis. I thought I had pressed “a" but I guess I didn't. So to all the butthurt people: That's a dick move.

Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you get exclusive rights to fail English

Sorry no.67, that most cellular devices tend to auto-correct stuff wrong when it's right, or we happen to hit two keys at once getting the wrong letter. Humans make mistakes. And simple keyboard mistakes do not mean that we are a "fail at English". But the internet is a cruel place and the people crueler.

#70 Then stop complaining and get off the internet?

#70 Crueler is not a word. In addition to that, you made multiple mistakes in this comment. Once again, you have proven why the grammar police are a NECESSITY.

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That's messed up, no teacher should EVER GIVE UP on their student, regardless mental illness or not

Yes, this. You should speak to your principle or guidance councilor, OP. Even if you did have a problem, this wouldn't be an excuse for her to not try. Measures need to be taken to be sure that she doesn't do this again.

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You're right. That's ****** up

OP didn't fail to understand, his so called teacher Failed to educate.

Agreed, that's just sadistic and judgemental

PoisonOrchid 21

Agreed. There are a number of resources available to help you if you do have some sort of delay or need extra support. This is extremely judgmental of your teacher and does nothing more than perpetuate a ridiculous and damaging stereotype. People with mental illness are not stupid nor do they have trouble learning. Learning disabilities and cognitive delays are not the same thing as mental illness. Makes me wonder if your teacher should even be allowed near children/adolescents at all. I hope you spoke to your principal, OP.

badluckalex 23

just talk to her about it, problem solved.

RedPillSucks 31

If that we're true we wouldn't have the educational crisis that we currently have

Just explain it to her, then find out who the douchebag is who told her that crap.

Lil_Red777 21

OP shouldn't have to explain shit. The teacher shouldn't just give up on her student because someone told her the student was mentally ill. I feel she should lose her job.

Well excel in what she gives you that should change things

olpally 32

Tell her that's what she gets for sucking at doing her job. Bitch.

Durantye 8

Sounds about like today's teachers. Hope you reported this teacher.

I completely disagree with your comment. There are many incredible teachers out there, in fact where I live, the majority of them are awesome. Teachers have to put up with a lot both from the students and their parents and every teacher I know would go out of their way to try and help a kid get the education they deserve.

I wish I could say the same. Most teachers were useless and gave up since I have dyslexia and mild ADD. More then 1 pretty much said I was a lost cause. Screw the teachers I knew. Luckily I ended up getting awesome teachers and extra help in special education. But yeah, most teachers I knew couldn't care less about the kids and more cared about their selves.

Durantye 8

@80 unfortunately I can say there are SOME good teachers I would not even come close to saying majority. I was in a private school half my life and public school the other half. Both types had teachers that just did the bare minimum and if you needed help they'd refer you anyone else that got you out of their hair. Teachers put up with a lot? They put up with just as much as any other profession. The issue is that people get an education degree so they can have an 'easy life'. Very few teachers are actually passionate about teaching anything.