By DanteWest1000 - 03/04/2012 04:43 - United States - Papillion

Today, I was texting my girlfriend about cross dressing and I said, "It would be hard for me to conceal my weapon." She instantly replied, "Not really, it's like finding a needle in a haystack, you'll be alright." FML
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well at least she's honest

Poke her with your needle


well at least she's honest

siickman 7

I mean yea i want my girl to be honest but like she should let it off in a easier way.... Not just be straight foward and mean about it

Easiest way to find a needle in a hay stack is to light that shit on fire...

^Look up Charizard on Urban Dictionary-- It'll make your day. ;)

Have her Charizard you so she can find it. Then dress up like a girl and be happy slut!

When you decide to make such stupid comments about how you're supposedly huge you deserve it when someone tells you otherwise. She probably didn't even really mean it but was just teasing, but since you clearly have a huge ego you deserve it.

^ What self respecting man admits to having a small penis?

Well there's an ego blow if anyone asked for one. But at least she's satisfied with you (if she's still with you) that's all that matters? ...right?

Like when men say their girlfriend isn't fat, she's curvy?

POW right in the kisser!

And the famous "she's not fat , she's big boned!"

Sounds like something I could say.. I bet she's just kidding

We all are capable of saying it, but most people wouldn't bust his ego like that. P.s.. If it's a needle in a haystack, I think it's time to shave the pubes so she can find it.

You mean, so it's smallness will stick out like a sore thumb? Talk about highlighting the obvious...

At least it won't be invisible...

louielove19 4

Aha aww poor little fella

I see what u did there hahaha

Well, at least you could cross dress? :)

Lol, were you just a grammar nazi to yourself? :p

I was literally just sitting here staring at the comment trying to decide whether it's could or can. Came to the conclusion that can sounds better. :)

As opposed to figuratively?

Man, word it differently. I'm such a dumbass. x)

^ Lol, I kept thinking about liking that, but I don't think you're a dumbass. :p

Well, considering I have no idea what 45 said. Yeah, I'm an idiot :)

I don't get it either. :p

Alright! So it's not just me? :D

Haha, you were joking around with her, and so did she. I don't entirely see the FML here

Unless OP was not joking, that would just be awkward...

it's better to let it show than have people wondering if you have one... flaunt it!

RedPillSucks 31

It's better to have people wondering than let it show and remove all doubt.

Ouch... but really OP , your girlfriend is still with you right? It can't be THAT bad then.

Poke her with your needle

Haha, (smack bitch with needle sized cock)