By Allie - 03/06/2010 18:58 - United States

Today, I was texting my crush. I tried to say, "I need a nap," but my iPhone changed it to "I need anal." I sent it. FML
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Could be a good thing. He might be interested in you now.



LOL. maybe you do?

Could be a good thing. He might be interested in you now.

No iPhone corrects it to anap to snap not anal so you can't blame this one on auto correct.

i may be wrong on this, but doesn't the iPhone alter it's auto correct depending on the usage? I just typed in anap and didn't get any auto correct

yeah so fhl for typing anal so much lol

lol maybe u get lucky jeje. WIN

haha iPhone autocorrection is a bitch. but hey its vocabulary depends on the usage of words so ehm..

Yes, it 'learns' according to usage.

LMAO this one is such a fail. 

Yeah I know I was just saying she must use anal for it to correct as that.

this is only a fail if the crush didn't decide to help out with the ops needs

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I AM SO SORRY. I hate when my iPhone automatically corrects crap, it makes everything so awkward sometimes. ^.~ My greatest sympathies are with you. XD LMAO

mine autocorrects to anal

Wow, you guys use the word anal a lot!

thatll teach you to go with ANDROID

fuck I typed in anal like 100 times to get it to recognize it and now it doesn't auto correct anap at all! dammit!

If you are getting uptight over a typo you probably do need it >.>

that rhymes!! and don't hate, appreciate!

69: the only thing that made ur comment funny was that ur number was 69.

lmao. you didn't notice ?!

At least you have something to joke about with your crush. Lame.

you did it on purpose don't deny it.

be he's not saying fml

Ha!.... bwahahaha!

yeah did u get some ?

90, the only thing funny about YOUR comment was.... Oh ya. Nothing.

been there, done that. I meant to say ' I'll probably be in Vegas by then ' and I said " I'll probaby be in bras by then" because my iPod lagged :/

Autocorrect CAN be turned off you know. it SHOULD be turned off. More harm than good. YDI for not knowing how to use your phone wisely.

Just turn it off goto settings

Actually, this really happens. I typed, "I need anap." into my iPod Touch and it auto-corrected it to anal.

But, if there was a space between a and nap, nothing happens.

turn autocorrect off?

16- I just typed anap into my iPhone and anal showed up.. I don't think I've ever texted anal to anyone.. just sayin.

I need anal, possible but no it does not change it

LOVE the cat #68 haha

something like this happened to me once. I was trying to say "you make me feel so demasculated" yup. auto corrected it to ejaculated.

if you have fat fingers you could slip up since L is under the P

Lol hailey that was win :P

danyfuckinheatley!!!! I miss my Sharks!!

missrachieee your just hot ;) haha

no ur wrong it happened to me

Your iPhone is your dating coach

that's why we do what children? check our texts before sending them, correct. and quit talking about anal cuz my iPhone autocorrects it to snap so you OP are a whore in my opinion

Seconded. Auto correct is a P.O.S

Hahaha. It's only FML if you got rejected.. =D

anyone notice that we dont know op is a girl?i bet its a guy that secretly sexts gay men for anal :O

mine autocorrects anap to buttsex

oogyboogy 6

#76 and your a tool

#16 - I did the same on my iPhone and it said anal lol

hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahaja oh man that's pretty freakin hilarious :)

tried it too.. nothing comes close...

That's ONLY because you USE the word anal so often, douche bag.

soo what was his response?

#7 took the words out of my mouth!!!

false, my iPhone did correct it to anal

iPhone auto correct is intuitive to each person.

was his response "I'll be there soon." ???

Why would you bother texting someone about wanting a nap? YDI

if you need some, I could help...

thumb up for you #93 lmao

Well he might not just be your crush after this.

lol that means u watch porn I don't think anal is in the iPhone dictionary

the iPhone is stupid, if I press eeeeeeeee it gives errr or were I can totally seem that happening

I agree with 1.

My 4S autocorrects to snap.

I need snap Nope, mine changed it to snap.

The funny thing is how would her iPhone know the word anal? Hahahaha

lmfao just when i thought my life was bad

not fake! my iPod totally did it! haha and it's funny!

yup my itouch corrected a nap (put together) to anal lol

Yeah it's fake I put "anap" an it put "snap" this myth has been busted

mine says "snap" but as others have said it "learns" from what you type. dirty boy, Chris!

lol you guys are fail I bet you're just putting "anap" in it write it out like op "I need anap" and it will do it lol( without quotations) & just most of the time hope ;) lol

I need anap. that's how my phone leaves it when I write the whole thing. and I can be dirty myself so I won't judge too harshly :D

I need anap, huh guess it's choosing when to work now oh well lol hope not right now hope, for the baby's sake I need snap I need anap I want anap I will have anal with you there I just kept changing the words lol

I will have anap with you I need a nap I want a nap I will have snap with you. lol I'm too damn bored for my own good. and just cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't be perverted. the baby hasn't changed my brain completely, just my hormones :P

lol actually I've heard that when women are preggo they want to become more sexually active lol

s very true for some women. some women feel horrible their whole pregnancies and want nothing to do with sex. I am in the former group :P

a bit confuzzled lol

what's confuzzling?

"former group" lol I'm slow today

lmao. bet he had interesting thoughts.

yeah I did the same thing but the second time it corrected it to anal

FAKE!!! autocorrect does not change two words to a single word.

Durr, obviously they left out the space by accident.

anal is freakin disgusting!! ewe

omg that's priceless!!!!

what was his reply?

this is copied from txts from last night. I saw it there months ago

yes you do indeed need anal

5: I'll give you anal. :)

yeah that was very creepy O_o

"Today, imballinlol told me he wanted to give me anal. On an FML about anal. FML"

Nobody needs analysis... I mean anal. Autocorrect. Pssshh

hahaha what did ur crush say back?

you should thank your iPhone much more interesting conversation :)

* Did she reply? O.o

i could hook you up wit ma dick baby