By Allie - 03/06/2010 18:58 - United States

Today, I was texting my crush. I tried to say, "I need a nap," but my iPhone changed it to "I need anal." I sent it. FML
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Krajjan 9

Could be a good thing. He might be interested in you now.


Krajjan 9

Could be a good thing. He might be interested in you now.

No iPhone corrects it to anap to snap not anal so you can't blame this one on auto correct.

i may be wrong on this, but doesn't the iPhone alter it's auto correct depending on the usage? I just typed in anap and didn't get any auto correct

yeah so fhl for typing anal so much lol

rosemary1990 0

lol maybe u get lucky jeje. WIN

mona_is_here 10

haha iPhone autocorrection is a bitch. but hey its vocabulary depends on the usage of words so ehm..

imballinlol 0

LMAO this one is such a fail. 

Yeah I know I was just saying she must use anal for it to correct as that.

this is only a fail if the crush didn't decide to help out with the ops needs

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I AM SO SORRY. I hate when my iPhone automatically corrects crap, it makes everything so awkward sometimes. ^.~ My greatest sympathies are with you. XD LMAO

jakeidk 0

mine autocorrects to anal

Wow, you guys use the word anal a lot!

thatll teach you to go with ANDROID

**** I typed in anal like 100 times to get it to recognize it and now it doesn't auto correct anap at all! dammit!

If you are getting uptight over a typo you probably do need it >.>

ispitflames 3

that rhymes!! and don't hate, appreciate!

69: the only thing that made ur comment funny was that ur number was 69.

degrassilovur 0

lmao. you didn't notice ?!

At least you have something to joke about with your crush. Lame.

you did it on purpose don't deny it.

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Haileyw15 0

90, the only thing funny about YOUR comment was.... Oh ya. Nothing.

been there, done that. I meant to say ' I'll probably be in Vegas by then ' and I said " I'll probaby be in bras by then" because my iPod lagged :/

FMyLifeCereal 0

Autocorrect CAN be turned off you know. it SHOULD be turned off. More harm than good. YDI for not knowing how to use your phone wisely.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

Just turn it off goto settings

MissRachieee 3

Actually, this really happens. I typed, "I need anap." into my iPod Touch and it auto-corrected it to anal.

MissRachieee 3

But, if there was a space between a and nap, nothing happens.

MhP_fml 0
alyx94 0

16- I just typed anap into my iPhone and anal showed up.. I don't think I've ever texted anal to anyone.. just sayin.

phreshboi 1

I need anal, possible but no it does not change it

Stellar_Bxtcheee 0
zakkyzebra 11

something like this happened to me once. I was trying to say "you make me feel so demasculated" yup. auto corrected it to ejaculated.

if you have fat fingers you could slip up since L is under the P

danyfuckinheatley!!!! I miss my Sharks!!

danielt94 0

missrachieee your just hot ;) haha

Rape_Dungeon 0

Your iPhone is your dating coach

redneck0328 5

that's why we do what children? check our texts before sending them, correct. and quit talking about anal cuz my iPhone autocorrects it to snap so you OP are a ***** in my opinion

Starfire99 0

Seconded. Auto correct is a P.O.S

Hahaha. It's only FML if you got rejected.. =D

anyone notice that we dont know op is a girl?i bet its a guy that secretly sexts gay men for anal :O

oogyboogy 6

#16 - I did the same on my iPhone and it said anal lol

marie93uso 0

hahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahaja oh man that's pretty freakin hilarious :)

tried it too.. nothing comes close...

That's ONLY because you USE the word anal so often, douche bag.

WoAhAnNa123 0
laideehawk 6

#7 took the words out of my mouth!!!

false, my iPhone did correct it to anal

iPhone auto correct is intuitive to each person.

Hamsterzilla 0

was his response "I'll be there soon." ???

Why would you bother texting someone about wanting a nap? YDI

evilbunnypao 0

Well he might not just be your crush after this.

littlebigperson 0

lol that means u watch **** I don't think anal is in the iPhone dictionary

forestqueenie 0

the iPhone is stupid, if I press eeeeeeeee it gives errr or were I can totally seem that happening

Octain 13

I need snap Nope, mine changed it to snap.

The funny thing is how would her iPhone know the word anal? Hahahaha

lmfao just when i thought my life was bad

not fake! my iPod totally did it! haha and it's funny!

yup my itouch corrected a nap (put together) to anal lol

Yeah it's fake I put "anap" an it put "snap" this myth has been busted

epoh_fml 0

mine says "snap" but as others have said it "learns" from what you type. dirty boy, Chris!

lol you guys are fail I bet you're just putting "anap" in it write it out like op "I need anap" and it will do it lol( without quotations) & just most of the time hope ;) lol

epoh_fml 0

I need anap. that's how my phone leaves it when I write the whole thing. and I can be dirty myself so I won't judge too harshly :D

I need anap, huh guess it's choosing when to work now oh well lol hope not right now hope, for the baby's sake I need snap I need anap I want anap I will have anal with you there I just kept changing the words lol

epoh_fml 0

I will have anap with you I need a nap I want a nap I will have snap with you. lol I'm too damn bored for my own good. and just cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't be perverted. the baby hasn't changed my brain completely, just my hormones :P

lol actually I've heard that when women are preggo they want to become more sexually active lol

epoh_fml 0

s very true for some women. some women feel horrible their whole pregnancies and want nothing to do with sex. I am in the former group :P

epoh_fml 0

lmao. bet he had interesting thoughts.

volcomst0ned 0

yeah I did the same thing but the second time it corrected it to anal

gingernator 0

FAKE!!! autocorrect does not change two words to a single word.

Durr, obviously they left out the space by accident.

autumn16 0

anal is freakin disgusting!! ewe

mcfaily 0

this is copied from txts from last night. I saw it there months ago

imballinlol 0

5: I'll give you anal. :)

"Today, imballinlol told me he wanted to give me anal. On an FML about anal. FML"

Nobody needs analysis... I mean anal. Autocorrect. Pssshh

you should thank your iPhone much more interesting conversation :)