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LOOK OUT! ITS A FUCKING BIRD!!11!! :D Did I get your reflexes-es moving? .... Yeah that made no sense. I'm Hannah : 14 : Korean : Nerd. Hence the name. *Omnomnomnom* :3 Yeah, that's me in my picture. STEAL AND DIE. Random shiz about me ---> + I like oranges in the morning, NOT orange juice. + There is no effing way that paper can beat rock. IMMPOSSIBLE. + I am for Gay Marriage. I'm Christian thoughh... @[email protected] + I have cool socks on :D + I'm slow. I get jokes ten minutes after their told. + I am a Grammar Nazi. O.O + I hate the whole 'Gay Fag is Gay' and 'In Soviet Russia, TV watches you.' So don't pull that shiz on me. EVAR. Message me :D I'll reply when I'm finished with my fantasies about Spock and me getting married :) kthxbaii.
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