By firecrotch - 04/06/2010 05:36 - United States

Today, I work at a pizza place and one of my jobs is to spoon crushed red pepper into bags. After I finished this, without thinking to wash my hands first, I used the bathroom. It still burns. FML
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FYLDeep 25

I've heard of people experiencing burning pain after spooning before.

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thank you for your diversity in comments ^


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i bet some mexican would love it though! dont be sad, get glad.

how??? i dont understand if u where using a spoon to put it on the bag.... how did the pepper got in ur hands??? either i'ts fake or you were using ur hands which is so disgusting and unsanitary

stop threadjacking, or else! argh, this anti spam scrip is really annoying

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common sense isn't so common sometimes

owie, but, why, I don't understand.... were you not using toiletpaper or were you just enjoying some unnecessary touching...

lol I must be doing something wrong, because I don't usually stick my fingers up my ass when I wipe....

FML indeed. Hey, atleast you're not a guy...

Do it more, u would just Love it! 

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27, do you not understand what OP is talking about?

52 - Either way, what the eff happened to the toilet paper? :/

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I love how OP's name is firecrotch.

Yeah wouldn't you be touching your ass with tp and not your hand? don't think I wanna eat pizza where op works.

Oh nevermind he prolly touched his dick. damn you people are confusing me! 

Oh nevermind op is a girl I prolly loook stupid today don't I?

lol sean public toilet paper is like wiping with nothing it's heaps thinner than newspaper so she may as well have been using no toilet paper

public toilet paper actually FEELS like paper. :/ in other news no hot pepper touchie mmmkay?

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Am I the only one who thinks op shouldve been wearing gloves while handling food? ydi for not being sanitary. I'm calling the board of health

So long as you wash your hands BEFORE handling food it's fine. Not to mention she was using a spoon.

"fml for not staying in school and getting a better job"

Some people have weird tp rituals, like folding. Oils can easily tranfer to the tp pre-wipe.

Oh, sorry, pendatik, I momentarily forgot that soap doesn't exist outside the land of common sense...or was it spoons? I haven't been there for so long I can't remember. :P

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80 toilet PAPER feels like PAPER?! no waay!!!

16 your a marine?!? wow! that's what I'm gonna be when I'm old enough (2 yrs). I can't wait :D semper fi!

#149 Just because someone has a name doesn't make them that person (I am not saying they aren't a marine though) but good luck in the military.

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brings a new meaning to fire crotch

lol my cousin did it during the rampage vs Evans fight with jalepinos

**** that sucks. I once did that with tropical strengh bug spray. that ******* hurts.

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kinda both FYL and YDI you shouldve washed your hands, but i guess you just didnt think about it first. feel better

FYLDeep 25

I've heard of people experiencing burning pain after spooning before.

FYLDeep 25

Although I'm fairly certain there was more than just spooning going on.

Haha. Your comments always make me laugh

#117 Who are you to judge? You don't even have a picture. #96 is pretty, so I honestly don't know what you're talking about.

Sarra88 is a hottie, face included!

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damn....that's a hot pussy.

117 do relize u just hit on a 15 year girl (I'm guessing) that makes u a creeper

dude... how can u even see her boobs there covered, and have some fkn respect come on ,!

Ok, lost on this one. Do you use your bare hands to wipe yourself after you use the washroom? Or were you putting in a tampon? That I could see. If you were just taking a leak or a even a crap, unless you clean yourself with your bare hands this could not have happened.

and how the hell? did you spank the monkey or stick ur finger in your dumb ass? this i don't understand

I thought only men spanked the monkey, and women played with the little man in the boat