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Today, I discovered that I can fit back into the clothes I wore in High School. I was proud of this until my husband told me that I look like a stuffed sausage in them. FML
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blueeyedwolf 10

If you are busting at the seams of said clothes, I don't think it's safe to say they fit...

Why do people keep their high school clothes? Eventually it will lead to disappointment.


blueeyedwolf 10

If you are busting at the seams of said clothes, I don't think it's safe to say they fit...

12- I'm failing to see what - if any - difference it would make, if it were.

xXgUeSsWhAtXx 9

just because you can button them/ zip it up/ pull it over your head does NOT mean it fits...theres a big difference between squeezing in and fitting and your husband pointed it out, though he couldve approached it in a more sensative way

If you were more observant you'd notice I never said it would make a difference. I'm merely stating that it could and everyone is assuming OP is female because of the word "husband".

blueeyedwolf 10

How did I assume anything? My statement was completely lacking any male/female identity. And my statement is what you replied to. Some of the other statements have, but not this one.

I was just saying. I didn't direct it towards you #1.

34 - Alright I'll admit that was a bad on my part but I only did it so people would notice quicker and stop the assumptions. There's probably a reason OP didn't include their sex on this post.

brennan677 0

are we really fighting over the OP's gender?

Stop trying to back that train up, Thanatos, you derailed it a long time ago.

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#12. I think u might b a gay guy

dirtyblond 4

his chode looks stuffed sausage

ktdad07 0

What is this? I don't even...

SirEBC 7

15, please allow me to elaborate. 3 said that OP's husband's chode looks like a stuffed sausage. The next time you're about to use a horribly played-out cliche, dig deep inside of that ********-sized brain of yours and think, "Hm. Is saying this going to make me come off as a moron?" It will help. I promise. I'm hard on you only because I care.

dirtyblond 4
ktdad07 0

A chode is the area between the testicles and anus. As it is not an appendage, and is merely a patch of skin, how could it possibly look like a stuffed sausage? It was a poor insult. Stop trying to be clever, 3. And EBC, of course I used a horribly played-out cliche. I'm on the internet.

dirtyblond 4

its a slang term-____- chode=penis(wider than it is long) the more you know!

dirtyblond 4

example: My boyfriend wanted a handjob but i couldnt get a good grip because he had a chode

#3- Using Urban Dictionary, are you? **** you! Chode

dirtyblond 4

hahaha yesss,yess i am! ohh heell nahhh, f u , you **** juggling thunder ****!

ktdad07 0

Eh, fair enough. I don't agree with this new-fangled definition but it makes your original post acceptable. And sorry to hear about your boyfriend's abnormal penis.

dirtyblond 4

there you go.. lol,i dont have a boyfriend that was the dictionaries example,just to help you out understand it more.

The area you were referring to #15 is the guche. The term chode and guche have been around for a long time.

Dirtyblond, I am unsure as to what you said but I will comment no longer after this, I was just being a fucktard, haha, I find Urban Dictionary useless. Good comment, good game, good game.

ktdad07 0

She called you a **** juggling thundercunt. It was better when Ryan Reynolds said it, trust me. And it's gooch, which is another word for chode, which means exactly what I said it means. Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

ktdad07: Her comment was moderated for a reason; please don't repost it.

ktdad07 0

May I ask what that reason was?

Disregarding the first commenting rule.

ktdad07 0

I was going to rant about how I think it's hypocritical that you tell everyone to play nice and refrain from posting "shocking or hateful comments," while the mods here will edit users posts at will to make statements like "I like turtles in my ass" and even more absurd and insulting stories. But instead I'll just say: Sorry Sirin, it won't happen again. Now aren't I a good little boy?

If you're going to be a total assbox, you deserve whatever editing your comments get via divine modtervention. The mods can do what they want if they see fit. This website isn't the United States, you don't get your whole freedom of speech shit here.

Correct. Disingenuous assertions and sarcasm don't detract from the fact that a rule was broken. Accept it, move on, and have fun.

TheZarola 10

Not an FML IMO. He just told you the truth. Would you rather try to go out in public wearing the clothes and get made fun of? YDI for not noticing it, anyway.

Why do people keep their high school clothes? Eventually it will lead to disappointment.

dantheman1988 0

exactly. especially if you went to high school pre-1995. you would look like a big dork.

I keep my primary school uniform cause I loved it there with my friends. Highschool? **** that shit

I still fit in to mine, although it hasn't been too long so far since i graduated in 2012.

I'd be more concerned about your hoarding personality. You should go see a psychiatrist and get that sorted out before it gets any worse.

If you keep losing weight he'll have to eat his words.

im thinking that OP is huge, then she fit her self in super small clothing and she appears to be thin, then she started rumbeling and the cloths ripped and fat rolls are flying all over the place.

TrillionHearts 0

ya might wanna think about loosing more weight before trying them on again:)