By uterus why - 01/02/2019 16:00

Today, I have realised that since I get laid so infrequently, every time I have sex now, it kickstarts my period. FML
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Gofuckyourself 24

Maybe visit your doctor or gynecologist to see what's going on. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of this!

Sex causes temporary hormonal changes. It can cause premature menstruation. OP should still see her OBGYN, though. For it to happen every time, she's either always having sex close to her period, or something is very wrong.


Is that physically possible? Maybe your hoo-hah is so neglected and atrophied that it forgot how to take a dick.

Thetawaves 13

It’s not unusual for sex to kickstart periods, especially if it’s rough. 😉

It used to happen to me all the time if I had sex in the week leading up to my monthly.

Thanks for the info. Those things seem very complicated! I’m glad I only have simple parts to maintain!😂😂😂

No. Your period comes a set amount of days after you ovulate. When you ovulate can change but not your period. Now I have had it more or less “make” it come but that just means it was about to anyway and the sex jostled some blood loose.

If you have sex infrequently then your body can jumpstart ovulation and consequently your period when you do have sex in order to increase odds of pregnancy.

bluhbluhbluh 14

do you get laid once every month at aroubd the same time? could that be also in the general period of your menstruation cycle?

Alurius_moon88 4

that time of the month, (just before your period) you should have gotten pregnant, by now..

It doesn’t have to be the same time of month. OP could be irregular.

Gofuckyourself 24

Maybe visit your doctor or gynecologist to see what's going on. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of this!

ViviMage 38

Yeah, when this happened to me I had a BV infection. It wasn't a period, it was a bacterial infection from hell getting stirred up. As long as I didn't have sex, a pelvic exam, or a car accident, the infection was quiet. Liveable. Tolerable. Just don't ever think about do anything to stir it up! It took 3-5 days for the infection to wake up and make my life hell and 2 weeks to quiet down again. It was 7 years of hell and avoiding.... things, and I just needed a $4 antibiotic. This was after $4k in the ER couldn't explain why I was bleeding profusely there after a car accident. No? My periods are not super heavy. More like super light.

Gofuckyourself 24

Holy smokes.. it costs $4000 to go to the ER?! Mine are so irregular because I streas so much in general. I'll have it, it'll be gone for two months and then again. Super messed up. I hope you're feeling better hun!

Are you certain it's your period? If you don't have sex for a long time your hymen can return to its original state and so when you have sex it could trigger your hymen to bleed

The hymen is very real, you can google it if you don't believe me. It's a myth that it breaks the first time you have sex, but depending on the person, if the hymen is fully intact it wouldn't take a huge amount of friction to make it bleed

Alurius_moon88 4

Well.. that's still better than realizing that I've had three periods, SINCE I've had sex. hmm.

That's not normal at all, in fact impossible Head to the doctors, it's probably something being damaged inside every time something is inserted

Patsy Boren 19

Oh man I know exactly how you feel.

TxKitten79 10

This is not likely. Either you are having sex close to your period time, and then yes, it can kick start it. Or something else is going on. I'd suggest tracking your cycles or seeing a doctor.

bloopaloop 27