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Today, I was talking to a group of friends about the various problems in Africa. One of them interrupts me and asks with a straight face, "If it's so bad over there, why don't they all just leave?" FML
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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

That would be awesome, no one in Africa, then I'd move there for some peace and quiet! :D

Because your friend is dumb, your life is F'd? How about the people in Africa you were talking about?

Yeah i dont see the problem. You only have to move over a seventh of the world's population, find enough inhabitable land for them to live on, and spend trillions to give them basic needs. Your friend should run for congress cause that plan is foolproof

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Id say move to a different one, but you only have 7 other choices in the whole universe. (recent fml reference)

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If you don't want to live on this planet anymore, then why don't you just leave?

Better yet, all americans move to Africa. We stimulate the economy and eventually make it part the union. That's right all of Africa. Of corse while we're away we'll need somone to house sit. So we lease the U.S. to mexico. The can't keep up the payments so we take back the U.S. and Mexico to cover their debt. Now we have U.S., mexico, and a brand new Africa.

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How bout we just learn how 2 spell first :$

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You used 2 instead of to and complained about spelling. Seriously?

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25, in reality, if you took every person in the world (or north America; I can't remember which), and gave them a 6x6 area of land, you could fit everyone in the state of Texas. The problem isn't overpopulation; the problem is spreading out more instead of having everyone crowded in cities while there is so much rural land that can be populated

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Omgg... Your friend is stupid... Thats something i would ask if i was 5......

6x6 what ?!? 6x6 feet, inches, miles, yards, kilometers?!?? WTF

But how will all of this stop Kony! Lol

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#24 I agree. Omg my friend is dumb, so, what does that do to you?

You were talking about Kony, weren't you?

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wait-- y can't they leave????????????????

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Am I the only one who got the Futurama reference 1 made?

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No 197 -_- you're not the only one if you were there wouldnt be any thumbs up on numbers 1's comment

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Yeah you can go with all the hippies to mars

I have a friend that asked if we could visit the night market in the morning. She was actually being serious.

If you don't like Earth, then you can just GIT OUT! (south park reference)

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Excuse me #260, kony "bullshit" your just a perpetual ass hole aren't you!! How would you like to be kidnapped, forced to kill your parents, and then become a soldier of a vicious army.? I don't think you'd like it very much unless you were a sick sick bastard.

If this planet is so bad, why don't we all just leave?

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And we thought the 8 planet girl was dumb.

The problem with these people is that they are so dumb, they don't even understand how dumb they are.

Stupidity knows no limits, or its ignorance as well?!

The UN and other countries have sent foo and supplies to Africa, you know what thy did? they shot the hell outta them and thats why people dont care because they dont want things like the "Black Hawk Down" incident occuring.

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Definately a fail since people are liking the comment

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41- Really? (BTW I was being sarcastic)

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63- Every time you comment, it's always a smartass comment. Why not say something nice? The commenter was clarifying that they were being sarcastic because nobody was getting it. There's no need to be rude!

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Aww man, my first post and it gets deleted/moderated... It was this: (A country in africa starting with the letter N that rhymes with tiger) please

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Ill try this one instead: "Nigeria please" (is that okay FML? Please)

Im Ghana be serious with you, these puns have got Togo. Zimbabwe.

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I enjoyed all of those puns.

Somewhere Zaire's a comedian getting new material.

I'm going to assume you are white Americans who live in the burbs/ rich part of town

*to be. Oops, not sure how that happened.

And I'm guessing ur a black immigrant who followed his advice

I'm going to assume you are a complete ******* idiot. But some part me knows that it's a fact.

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You gotta be Africken kidding me.

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Is it too late to go C-Cccombo Breaker

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I'm trying to add to the puns but there's nothing really I Congo on... The window left for puns is getting quite Guinea. I guess I'll keep moroccan out to my music while reading the other comments.

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100- your pp goes perfectly with your comment.

Have any of you guys ever Benin a combo like this before?

This isn't a FML. You just have stupid friends.

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Perdix, I've been reading fmls for awhile now and I always see your comments. They make me laugh so hard haha keep doing it you'll get noticed soon!

89, get noticed soon....perdix is like an fml celebrity. Look at peoples profiles he's always on their ” things/people I like”, along with Docbasterd

eh see i knew it? i just love seeing your comments everywhere there so differently funny with some random connections. glad your noticed!

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OP- I'm pretty sure that Kony is part of that problem. :) ahaha

perdix and docbastard comments next to each other, docbastard is winning...

93 = noob. But I suppose we were all there once.

I thumbs down you whenever I see your comments because personally I think you sound like an idiot 90% of the time.

lets take a look at the FML hierarchy first we have the mods rule #1 DONT **** WITH THEM then we have docbastard and predix and I guess boners before he died next come popularish regular commenters like myself and a few others that don't make it onto the favorite commenters list often then there's the normal folks that come to grammar nazi And the n00bs that try to hard come last (I really need to punctuate this)

*too hard damn I was in a rush to type this its full of bad grammar

Lol at your food chain description, and your reference to your bad-self!