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By  DocBastard  |  38

I say you still have the bachelorette party and shower. For the party you and your friends can go to the pharmacy and buy you cough syrup and Pepto Bismol for the shower. Then you can all get drunk on the cough syrup and play fun party games like "Try to Puke in the Toilet" and "Cleanup on Aisle 6!"

  LolFMLnot  |  10

Who would vote for YDI? Like, OP even though you have absolutely no power over nature and your stomach flue, it's still your fault for not being at fault! :s

  desireev  |  17

50- Maybe you've been blessed when you had the flu, but I always get the shits and I always vomit until my stomach stops working.
Not having diarrhea while having the flu... Only in a perfect world...

By  immaMonsta  |  8

Your bachelorette party can be easily rescheduled. It's not like it's as important as the actual wedding. Calling it off last minute wont hurt anything. As for your wedding shower...well, same thing.

  Enslaved  |  36

I agree with you about the bachelorette party, since it's usually a huge "girl's night" out. But as far as the wedding shower? That's most likely more formal and cost money on food, decorations and such.

  immaMonsta  |  8

#17 I agree with you about the wedding shower being more formal, however I doubt most people would actually take time off work for a wedding shower, so to me that shouldn't be a huge inconvenience . I don't know much about that whole process though, so maybe it's just me.

  desireev  |  17

Actually, although we don't know the circumstances, there's plenty she could do. She could still go to her bachelorette party and her wedding shower. She could take antibiotics. She could go see a doctor. She could lay in a chamomile bath.(For the bronchitis.) Etc...
There's plenty she COULD do.. It's just a matter of doing it. :)
Just being technically realistic about it...

By  DrMime  |  10

Oh no! Well if you want, you can still have a stomach shower. Wouldn't smell great, and everyone would be covered in vomit, but still, it's a shower!