By carla6991 - 09/10/2013 20:16 - United States - Dade City

Today, my boyfriend blew me off yet again because he claims he has a responsibility as a "crew leader" to train and recruit members at all times, to accommodate all time zones. GTA V is ruining our relationship. FML
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carla6991 tells us more.

carla6991 13

I actually do play with him and am commissioner of the crew and am a bit of a gamer myself. However, I require a bit more than 2 hours of sleep and don't feel like playing during every bit of spare time I have. We had a talk about it last night though and he agreed to cut down when I'm home from work so we'll see!

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krash357_fml 7

Join the crew! Totally worth it!

The only way to solve this is to get another console, get GTA V, join his crew, and then once you get close enough as a team after multiple rounds of robberies and joyrides, systematically kill everyone off in your crew and blackmail them into leaving. Then, once your boyfriend is reduced to an emotional wreck, send him a message that states: "You should have spent more time with me." Or you can ask him to spend more time with you. That works too.


krash357_fml 7

Join the crew! Totally worth it!

cheshirecat13242 32

Joining the crew is a lot easier than running it..

Ya maybe her relationship is ruining his GTA.

Yo, tell your bf next time he robs me at the ATM, I'm coming for that a**!!!! Him AND his crew!!


#99 that joke just flew by

Soon he'll be having you collect coke for him in-game and betting on him to win races. At least that way he'll be involving you.

What if he prefers Sprite?

The "Soft Drinks" DLC isn't out for GTA V yet.

Good thing they aren't owned by EA, or else they would release a DLC for sodas...and then release another DLC for soda with fizz. For $100. And your firstborn child.

Well no, EA would say that there are many completely different sodas, and your choice would completely change what you get, but you end up drinking the same piss-water each time but in 3 different colours no matter what. And then after you paid for your soda, they'd mention that the can opening mechanism came separately in a day one DLC, I mean package, for a few bucks.

Then they'll say that they were working on getting the rest of the flavours developed and ready for the fans. Then release it as a 'completely free' extra DLC!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

EA sucks, it does.. But they also helped Dice with Battlefield. Battlefield is the shit so EA takes a win for that. But their logic behind DLC is pretty damn ridiculous. I remember getting the map Raven Down in the original Gears of War for free. Why couldn't they have kept it like that? 60 bucks a game plus at least another 50 if you want all the DLC included. 90 dollars for a damn video game? What the fuck. No wonder people torrent games for PC. We can't afford them anymore.

Actually, EA also fucked Dice, just like every other company they are working with. Battlefield 2 was great, but then suddenly Battlefield 3 happened.

idk battlefield 3 was pretty good. the BF4 beta is awesome

I live how everyone hates on EA then goes out and buys their games anyway. Vote with your wallets for once rather than going out buying the game then raging after it sucks. I'm a proud non support of EA or SOE. From what I've seen I haven't missed much and I can buy 4-5 indie titles for the price of one of their "games."

the only good Battlefield was Bad Company 2

that's a completely different game

#166 No its not

If he can't make time for you, especially when his schedule is full of gaming, dump him. That's not fair to you.

AlphaPrice 7

Woah there #3 I wouldn't dump anyone because he's just all excited about an awesome new game that came out not to long ago.

OP, as a gamer's wife I can tell you this will pass as he gets tired of the game. However, he needs to know you can't be ignored every time he gets a new game. Make plans with friends, get too busy to beg for his attention for a while. Don't live on his gaming schedule; don't be available the second he puts the controller down. He may be crew leader, but he can delegate recruiting to other members for a few moments a day to spend with you.

My husband has been playing gta v since it came out. I just leave him to his game since he rarely gets to play them. I would never leave him for something so foolish. If OP's boyfriend does this all the time then I would reconsider. Shit, once he tires of the game I'm going to play it. It looks awesome!

#61 is right. you need to sit him down and talk about it. but don't chew his ear off or else he won't listen. may I also suggest picking up a control and joining him? (if you have it) it's a pretty fun game.

I'm not saying she needs to dump him over one game. I've had issues with this before, where all they do is live and breathe video games. Being in a relationship means more than that. At least involve your partner in the game.

Whoa #3 that's a little drastic

Don't get me wrong. I'm a gamer myself, and i love gta 5, but I'm not about to ruin my relationship for video games. That's all I'm saying. There are more important things.

I agree, dump him! you should be having more sex and less of him wacking it to his video game buddies.... just wait til u have a kid...

wtf #109? What does that even mean? I think you just need to calm down.

Yeah, let's go straight to dumping, because relationships should require no effort at all! /sarcasm

kdm_km1 19

You should really get on board with GTA

Indeed. If he's going to leave her hanging because of GTA5, she might as well butt in and join the gang! Nothing beats a couple that plays games together. It even strengthens the relationship!

monnanon 13

how about instead of conforming to his wishes she gets a hobby of her own so that shes not waiting about for him all the time. if op liked games she would already it so either she doesnt or he wont let her join.

Yes she should.Gaming couples are very cute I shall not lie.Even though GTA V is full of douches it's still a good game that I would like to see a gaming couple on.

monnanon 13

why are you all ignoring the fact that op may not like playing games. why should she do only what he wants to do in a bid to spend time with him.

Whoa there. Have you thought about that in vice versa? What if she wanted to do something the boyfriend doesnt like? And OP posted that she does play games as well.

monnanon 13

yes i have. ops bf shouldnt have to join in evwry hobby she has either. and i am truly sorry i couldnt see into the future or read ops mind when i wrote my comments.

Live by the crew, due by the crew.

Die* so sorry

You sir are one of the biggest disappointments in life!

Don't mess with GTA V!!

pwnman 33


Order a hit on him, before anything gets worse.

colvindj 22

Ladies, you were forewarned that this was gonna happen.

I had to send a group text to all the girls I know telling them I wouldn't see them for a while. Needless to say, my mum and sister were a bit disappointed. :/

Excuse me, but women play games too.

yea, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it but I'm worse than my boyfriend when it comes to game releases.

The game looks really kickass! I've done a few missions and can't want until my husband gets bored of it. I can understand why that's all he wants to do.

#71, excuse me, but there's a dog that can drive a car.

That's a fun game:) but he really should make time for you too, if he chooses a game over you I think you should reconsider the relationship?..

True, it's one thing to really enjoy a game that's great, but once you start ignoring the important people in your life, that's a sign that you should probably start limiting yourself. Then again, I have no room to talk. I used to cancel dates with my ex all the time to play more games.

I believe in the term "if you can't beat em join em" . my boyfriend is a hardcore gamer and sometimes I used to feel neglected when he played his games . until I started playing with him . yes , I play PlayStation with him . and I'm a female . it's fun . however , I dont and won't play all the time ! i don't have time for that !! but GTA V is REALLY fun . the best GTA yet ! this situation can be fixed OP . it's not a big deal . better his hands be on a gaming controller than on another woman .... :|

#72, I don't know about BEST. There's been so many times the characters have completely failed and I find myself saying "Niko could've done that!".

hatemyluck 15

He should at least set aside 1 to 2 hours a day to give you some attention. That's what I do when a new game comes out c:

cryssycakesx3 22

72 if you're that desperate for attention from your boyfriend I think you need to reconsider your life. try finding your own hobbies or something. if my boyfriend enjoys doing something I leave him be. why? that's his alone time for himself, as we live together. don't get me wrong, sharing hobbies is great, but not as a mode to spend time together. why do girls make such a big deal about playing video games? "YES I'm a girl, YES I play video games"

What about his responsibilities to you as a boyfriend?

xzxXxzx 11

Screw that it's Gta V!