By lilzoot - 08/02/2009 03:19 - United States

Today, I played games on and gave up after 10 minutes. They were hard. FML
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don't fucking underestimate barbie.

Are they really hard...? *Checks*


Are they really hard...? *Checks*

that's what she said!

you are a man...... on barbie?

maybe he was feeling a little bicurious

omg the OP is right!

don't fucking underestimate barbie.


she has a sports car is an astronaut and has other multiple jobs I can't name mainly because I'm not into barbie my point is...BARBIES RICH BITCH fo show she got the bacon, the lettuce, the moola, the dinero

Your avatar only makes this comment better.

there not hard....i played for like 3 hours once(= it was really fun.

fun wow who likes Barbie? FYL people who like barbie

3-thats what she said

I love the one where you do her hair!

Haha to Roi!!- this made me go play barbie aswell!!

who are you talking about? raynor?

thanks for the idea! now i'm gonna go play, haha.

The games make me feel like all I meant for in life is to fail

LOL, thank you so much for making me guffaw like that XD *sneakily goes to check*

seriously that's so pathetic

That's not a FML. That's a FAIL. Except for the bike game. Those fucking puddles are hardcore.