By lilzoot - 08/02/2009 03:19 - United States

Today, I played games on and gave up after 10 minutes. They were hard. FML
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don't fucking underestimate barbie.

Are they really hard...? *Checks*


Are they really hard...? *Checks*

that's what she said!

you are a man...... on barbie?

maybe he was feeling a little bicurious

omg the OP is right!

don't fucking underestimate barbie.


she has a sports car is an astronaut and has other multiple jobs I can't name mainly because I'm not into barbie my point is...BARBIES RICH BITCH fo show she got the bacon, the lettuce, the moola, the dinero

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Your avatar only makes this comment better.

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there not hard....i played for like 3 hours once(= it was really fun.

fun wow who likes Barbie? FYL people who like barbie

3-thats what she said

hippo1234 19

I love the one where you do her hair!

Haha to Roi!!- this made me go play barbie aswell!!

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who are you talking about? raynor?

thanks for the idea! now i'm gonna go play, haha.

The games make me feel like all I meant for in life is to fail

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LOL, thank you so much for making me guffaw like that XD *sneakily goes to check*

seriously that's so pathetic

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That's not a FML. That's a FAIL. Except for the bike game. Those fucking puddles are hardcore.