By Dan - United States
Today, I got a call from my ex asking if I could fix her computer. I brought my 7 year old son with me. On the way I told him, how I hated her, but I can't be rude. Once we get there, I say to her "it's nice to see you." My son says "but I thought you said you want her to fall off a bridge?" FML
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Ha! At least your son is not a pussy!

Why are you going over there anyway... oh yeah that's right ... because you're nice, and you can't be rude... to the person you hate... and you need to bitch and whine about her to a 7 year old.... poor baby.... I feel bad for your son


If OP's son does not also belong to his ex, then they stopped dating at least 7 or 8 years ago. Unless she did something terrible which caused him to hate her so much, OP should have gotten over it after 7-8 years. And if he still hates his ex, he shouldn't be going over to her house with his 7 year old son to fix her computer.

  cacheson  |  41

98, there's another alternative. If he already had the son when he started dating said ex then she could be a very recent ex and not the kid's mother. People with kids do date...

By  morningwoody  |  0

First, why would you talk to you 7 years old son about how much you hated your ex.
Second, why would you still help her if you hated her? Unless you expected to fix her pussy after fixing her computer (in front of your son).

You totally deserved it !


Because he doesn't actually hate her like he tries to make himself believe. But he does want to be back with her. It wouldn't be a FML if he didn't. OP, know the difference between being cordial and being someone's bitch.

By  StaticDown  |  0

Who says those things to their kids? I might have said I don't like the person, but to tell them that I wish them death thoughts... It's not nice at all... Maybe if the kid was over 13 and it was more understanding... but a 7 year old... YDI