By Lo_Bolian - 25/04/2009 03:10 - United States

Today, I was taking the bus home. A dirty homeless man boarded the bus, put his bag on the overhead rack, and sat down. His bag was leaking and dripped onto my shoulder. I asked the man what it was. He said, "Roadkill." I now have dead animal blood on my best business suit. FML
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Sounds like he was fucking with you.

Whether or not he's the richest man in the world, it's still disgusting do have dead animal blood fall on you. It could be diseased. Don't tell me you'd be sitting there counting your blessings if something like that happened to you just because you have four walls around you and eat regularly.


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thats nasty. FYL!

hahahahahahahaha that's so awesome that guy is a beast!!!!! grow the fuck up you are provle a rich as person who doesn't give a fuck about anybody but yourself

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that should be illeagal

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who takes the bus in nice clothes?

There's actually people I know that eat roadkill. If its in good condition, and fresh, why not see if there's any good meat left ? Such a waste.

ew. hope you weren't wearing white lol.

Sounds like he was fucking with you.

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I smell a promotion!


Lmao! He was probably joking. But,still,ew.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaa #4

oh daym FYL. atleast he was truthful.

oh god I hope he was joking! lol thats disgusting