By cali - United States
Today, I had just finished writing my rough draft essay, so I went to sit by the pond. A giant moth suddenly flew down and attacked me, causing me to drop my binder in the pond, ruining the essay. I discovered in the aftermath that the moth was actually a leaf. FML
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  zenti  |  2

I hand write rough drafts sometimes, because that's how my schools taught me. I can usually write faster than I type, but I do type quickly. Before I even get to the rough draft I brainstorm and organize my ideas through outlines. Usually when I read an essay from a classmate I can tell that they just jumped into typing it because the paper is usually very unorganized and full of errors.

  eleniel421  |  27 can brainstorm and type out an outline on a computer just as easily. Just saying. Disorganization is the fault of the writer, not the machine they use to put their ideas on the page.

  smeesha  |  4

freaking jerk! some people have irrational fears of things, they can't help it. keep your stupid and unwanted opinions to yourself, no one wants to hear them.

op, I understand, I have a terrible fear of moths myself ): fyl

  bamagrl410  |  31

Worst. movie. ever. I saw it on a first date with someone and we couldn't stop laughing afterward at how awful it was.