By CheeseMonsters - 24/01/2010 12:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to get my friend a drink while she sat in the lounge watching TV with my dog. When I came back, I found her licking my dogs ears. She said he dared her to do it. FML
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Yay for weird friends!

least the dog only dared her to lick its ears...


Yay for weird friends!

or stoned friends? >_>

muuuusssshhhhroooommmmmssss <(•.•)>

the dog talks to her!! haha

wowed friend are cool.

FML? More like WTF?

That's pretty gross. She said the dog dared her? She must be off her rocker

I hope you cut your friend off at that point. I would have taken her drink and just drank it myself.

ummmmmm this I weird! mmk

your friend is a freak. thats it.

WTF? Disgusting

Can i six lettered word that means crazy a$$ or you friend?

least the dog only dared her to lick its ears...

Lmao. This put this funny image in my head, I imagined MY friends doing that xD Seriously, your friend is weird. Licking a dogs ears is weird on it's own, don't even get me started on the statement "The dog dared me." :O