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Today, I was cruising with a coworker and his friend, and I started getting tired. His friend offered me a caffeine pill. It wasn't caffeine. It was laxatives. FML
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well, when the chocolate milk starts flowing ur gunna be awake anyway, so mission accomplished...

Didn't your parents teach you not to take candy from strangers? :P


That musta been a shitty situation. Hope it wasn't your car.

that phrase is so overused... +1000 to whoever comes up with a new "shit" phrase....

Shit is so often nowadays I notice some has been applied to your face (+1000 points or -1000 dislikes?)

Aw dammit I think I just stepped into a shitty argument

you're commenting on my face? because you don't have a pic, and I pointed the OBVIOUS lack of creativity on your part? you really have to pay attention in life, mediocrity goes unnoticed in a positive aspect.

and you don't get shit for trying to spew it

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common #4 I could shit a better argument then that!

#18... after eating alphabet soup, right? haha

How old are you 5? Still talking about alphabet soup. And why should I post a photo of myself? Clearly it just leaves many openings to be insulted for. In this case, you are the perfect example and have now shown your lack of maturity through your comments.

perdix 29

Your coworker's friend thought you had a stick up your ass, and just wanted you to be a regular guy.

5? is that as high as you can count? (alphabet soup came from a picture caption) sorry you don't have a sense of humor. and you can say all you want on here about me and my looks. clearly that shows YOUR lack of maturity. and sense of humor. just let it go, I promise you'll be ok in the morning

It has come to my attention now that you seem to keep think everything in your country applies to the entire world. That quite shows how narrow-minded you are. You preach of my lack of humour but, although clichè, my 1st comment was indeed a pun which you see one too many times and just decided to find a reason to begin this argument.

so now, with MY original comment being a joke, and you have to pull my physical appearance out, it is now MY fault for you taking a stab at me for how I look? sorry I'm not Malibu barbie, but seriously? ask anyone. the "shitty situation" joke is old, and with me joking, you took it up your ass. and don't stereotype my attitude because I live in the US, I'd be just the same if I were anyone else. anything else you care to say? because this is turning into a retarded ass shitshow.(btw, apology accepted:])

Very well. So to sum it up is the misunderstanding between two parties. As for the last part I am unsure if you are demanding an apology but I have nothing much to say about that. "Let our paths never cross again" is the thought now I presume.

the apology part was a joke.. note the smiley...

jajahahaaha hahahaa hahaha hahaha omg that's hilarious!

I think epyk princess looks good I don't know his problem

littlemissFYL 5

I have to agree with epyc pryncess. iLazy is just starting arguments. And you don't look like shit! :-)

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I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that

shut the **** up!!!! sirin?! where are ya?!? bangammer up the rectum is due woman!

well, when the chocolate milk starts flowing ur gunna be awake anyway, so mission accomplished...

well I'm sorry to say this op but you kinda deserve it for taking a pill that you didn't know anything about and that was obvious cuz now your blowing up the bathroom. next time just get your own or ask to read the bottle. just saying.

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great lesson ...not no ones going to feed their driver date rape drugs also if we can take anything away from Hollywood it's that date rape drugs get you 80 grand and a tiger

I don't think this was an accident more like a 'joke' from the friend.

I guess that's what happens when you take pills from people you don't know... YDI

BaskenRobin 2

Aw darn. That's what I was gonna write

flighted 1

I would have stopped the car and kicked the "friend" of the co worker out. I mean who does that// it doesn't sound like OP even knew this person

He likes shitty jokes. So shit on him. Literally.

what a jerk! If he did it on purpose. next time, go for the cup of coffee! fyl op.

Your coworker probably just wanted you out of the way for a couple hours.

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Man that's pretty terrible.. funny.. but terrible. What a shit head!

Didn't your parents teach you not to take candy from strangers? :P