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How long did you make that poor person wait?! And why did that keep trying to spellcheck to "pour"?! I've never poured a person out and then described it in text! The insanity that is my life is tearing up my heart when I'm with you. But when we are apart I feel it too. But no matter what I do, I feel the pain! With or without you! Long story short this a violent strain I stumbled upon here. I hope I can be sober again.

I can see how the wording is confusing but OP's mistake was using "haven't" instead of "hadn't". I believe what happened is OP's date never got to come in because she was asleep while her date was either knocking on the door, ringing her doorbell, or probably texted her he's outside but she obviously didn't see the message. Whoever didn't understand this post at all because of the wording must be a complete moron. It's not that hard, man.

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