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Today, I joined my friends out birthday clubbing. After I'd gotten a little drunk, a few guys asked for my number. I rattled off random numbers, until I accidentally said my mother's. Guess who woke up to a text at 2:17 in the morning, containing a picture of a penis. FML
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a guy sent me a pic once, I couldn't open it, so I gave to my father. it was a penis too...

Because "no" is met with "why not?" "Don't be a bitch" "just give me a chance" "******* **** I bet you gave it out to very one else you just don't want to admit you're a *****" "frigid bitch I was tryina be nice see what that gets me?" And so on and so forth?


a guy sent me a pic once, I couldn't open it, so I gave to my father. it was a penis too...

Guess who's a bitch for giving out fake numbers? Just turn them down so they aren't sending such pictures to random people.

guys should really just stop sending random dick pics. I mean if they know eachother and are both particapating in sexting and or pic exchanging thays fine. but this guy (apperantly) randomly sent a picture of his dick to a girl he just met.

But some guys can't take no for an answer. Some guys will continue to push you into giving them your number or in some cases will resort to verbal or sometimes physical abuse. Girls don't give out fake numbers because they're bitches, they do it because it is honestly the easier choice. Where my mother grew up it is not uncommon for guys to twist your arm until you give them your number or promise to meet them later so what do you do then?

Pepper spray them or call the cops if they can't take no for an answer,don't let it get to that point.

Guys aren't as respectful as they should be to women. If a guy doesn't respect you then he has no right to have any part of you. Sending unwanted dick pics falls under the category of disrespectful and just desperate of them.

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I don't think you've had a guy harass you till you give him your number. Then you will understand

I've given out a fake number when I was younger. The guy wouldn't stop asking. Now I just walk away from them. I agree that some guys won't take no for an answer. That's when you just walk away.

crazytwinsmom 25

When 'no' didn't work, I would give the state mental hospital number. I always liked to imagine that conversation when they called it.

Guess who's an asshole for sending a dick pic to a girl he just met. As for you, OP, try to have a number in mind the next time some bozo insists on having it. If you can remember through the haze of alcohol, maybe 867-5309 would work.

I like 021-3825-968. It's 021-****-you

SuperMew 22

Sometimes there is no way to walk away. I had a guy shove me into a wall and start screaming that I was a "bitch *****" for turning him down. I gave him the Sheriff's hotline.

Agreeing with #3. Just say you're not interested instead of giving out fake numbers.

And you couldn't just tell them no because?

Because "no" is met with "why not?" "Don't be a bitch" "just give me a chance" "******* **** I bet you gave it out to very one else you just don't want to admit you're a *****" "frigid bitch I was tryina be nice see what that gets me?" And so on and so forth?

Wish I could upvote you more than once, 27. With some guys, you just can't win.

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#27- I can't believe there are guys out there that are that rude/desperate... On second thought I can but I didn't think there were that many. I wouldn't even be friends with a guy who begged for a woman's number like that... No means no bro just move on

#27 So you don't like them enough to give them your number, but you still care about them enough to give a rat's ass about their opinion of you? I'm sensing a discrepancy here.

Amanyyyyyy 29

91- It's not that she cares, it's that it doesn't stop until he gets what he wants...

Oh, I don't, I go for the "**** off I don't want your attention" route, also not drinking and not being social at all means after one '**** you bitch' I tend to zone out, but I've been the friend standing by as 'nice' guys harass a girl who isn't interested but can't find a "no" they'll accept. Finally the girl made up a number of a (fictional) Marine older brother they could call, claiming he screened all her dates for her. The way the blood drained was amusing.

SuperMew 22

I don't see how people fail to see how scary some of these guys can be. There is no walking away from them, because they follow you. They say crass things and sometimes even get physical.

If you're in a bar and a guy starts to get physical all you have to do is scream. I guarantee he'll get tackled like a rugby player. Unless you're in a gang bar. In which case what the **** are you doing in the gang bar in the first place?

#27 but now if she ever sees these people again, they'll have even worse to say.

#27 I hear you sister, on my last bday night I was out with 3 other girls to a club, there was this creepy way older than us guy (minimum of 20 years older) who took turns hitting on all 4 of us trying to buy us drinks, we tried to be polite but that guy was so desperate and didn't take four No's as an answer!

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Advice from a creepy older guy: saying 'No' is ineffective, because you're still answering his question. If the question is inappropriate, make it clear that you don't want to talk to the guy at all. Yelling 'Leave me alone, creep!' will alert bystanders. It's better to be called a bitch than to be seen as polite and weak.

Don't you have the Rejection Line in the USA?

Oh I love that number ! I used to call it myself just to get a good laugh.

Zimmington 21

I love that number for the simple fact that it was really popular in high school but a girl never used it on me. A small personal victory.

perdix 29

My three guesses are: Anthony Wiener Pope Francis Jennifer Lopez I hope I win!

challan 19

what exactly are you telling these guys that the first thing you get is a penis? I usually try not to give off the "***** vibe"

Maybe some guys are just creepy losers? Doesn't mean she was being a *****.

perdix 29

#16, it's not you, it's us. We're told that when we meet someone new, we must put our best foot forward. For some of us, our best foot isn't actually a foot (or maybe it is) ;)

Except you don't need to give off a ***** vibe or even an I'm interested vibe for guys to send you pictures of their dicks. Some guys will try to sext you no matter what kind of girl you are.

perdix 29

#25, even on a text-based web site. Say hallo to my leetle fren'! 8==========D~~~~~ How you doin?

challan 19

I'm not saying I've never received unwanted pictures, but in a way when I have, I've blamed myself. I've deleted kik (we all know you kik to see dick) and I make sure that guys know that I'm not interested in them in that way. I believe that Op has led them on. when I want a dick picture, I'll ask someone special to get naked and I'll take it myself.