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Today, I was sitting with my boyfriend watching the Super Nanny. He watches the show regularly and said he has learned some of her techniques. Apparently, he uses them on me when I'm acting irrational. FML
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If your irrational behavior is comparable to that of a child's on Super Nanny, FY boyfriend's life. Maybe it's his way of telling you to be a bit more mature.

Your boyfriend is such a nice babysitter.


Your boyfriend is such a nice babysitter.

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i totally moderated this onee.(:(:(: Haha justtttt never done that beforee.* I laughed out loud when I read this onee.(:

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Super Nanny is a porno, right? Sweeeeet. What techniques does he specifically use?

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FYL for having a Nanny for a boyfriend :p

Does anyone miss the days were we couldnt reply to comments and it was just a long, non confusing list of our remarks? I know i do.

No offense, but the BF sounds queer...what straight guy watches Supernanny??

O WOW...GEE GEE! Super Nanny is NOT porno. It's a show about a lady coming to help a family out with misbehaving kids and parents that can't control them. #37 FAIL

I agree #53. Linear replies were the shit.

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Soo, stop being irrational? Not a FML.

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haha I just had to laugh out loud

If your irrational behavior is comparable to that of a child's on Super Nanny, FY boyfriend's life. Maybe it's his way of telling you to be a bit more mature.

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i think you're allowed to be irrational when your boyfriend is watching super know, out of fear of his mind disintegrating into an abyss

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Anders you *****! I put mine 2nd before you!

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Well he must be the best "nanny" in the world then, since being that you are a woman, you are always irrational. He must always be putting those techniques to good use.

Sexist pig, I hope you die a virgin __________________________

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Lol, starchild, a TON of people are doing this now. You started a fad. XD

I always figured Starchild was doing it like a signature thing. After all... dotted line. Somehow, that makes it completely awright. Also, Tipps has a half point. An irrational woman is preeeetty irrational. You know those guys who never win? Well now OP has found a way to.

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sexist asshole. im guessing your alone and cold?

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It's not sexism. It's statistics. Obviously you guys are the lonely losers if you haven't been with enough women to recognize this.

It never says what gender the OP is. Idiots. Reading fail.

How do you get statistics on irrationality? Isn't that sort of an opinion-based thing unless it's pscyhotic crazy ("THEY'RE ALL OUT TO GET ME!") aka actually a mental health problem?

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glassisass, you're basically doing the same, talking shit and doing nothing. You can't do /anything/ over the Internet. You ARE a pathetic loser lol seriously read your damned post. Cry moar plz.

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Actually, no. Even though the gender of the OP isn't specified, the OP has a "boyfriend", which means the OP is either A) A woman, and thus 100% irrational 100% of the time, or B) Homosexual, and thus 100% irrational 100% of the time.

Without being overly politically correct here....chances are OP is a woman for 2 reasons: 1) A lot more heterosexual couples out there than homosexual. 2) (How'd you guess?) More women than men are the "emotional type," which is usually what leads to irrational behaviour. Logic fail.

Nothing better than a hot cup of sexism in the morning! Perhaps however we should all watch super nanny and use the technique on FMYLIFE posters. Especially ones who argue over MySpace.

dude i did. im making fun of star. im doing the same thing hes doing on purpose... hes acting like hes so strong and shit so i acted like him. and i even did the --------------- thing.

lol really? the words he and boyfriend doesn't help u out? ur name suits you.

121- Although there's a higher probability that OP is female, just having the word "boyfriend" in the post doesn't guarantee anything. They could be a homosexual couple. Stop being an idiot.

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Maybe you should act like an adult then.

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ydi for having a boyfriend ydi for having hairy toenails.... 8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm.. irrational. What a good babysitter your BF is! Nah, just kidding. Act more mature?