Good boy

By TrainedBF - 12/09/2009 12:00 - United States

Today, my girlfriend, who is a dog trainer, was telling me all about the techniques she uses at work. I commented on how the dogs must be stupid to fall for such simple tricks, to which she replied, "They worked on you." FML
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GahhahahhHhHa I luv ur gf... Ydi for calling a dog stupid

lmfao nice



awh you fucking bitches why did you do that to my comment? ; (

What was the comment?

Ive seen a similar FML with 'super nanny' ... Also, please tell the person above me to go drown in a well somewhere, after being castrated with a hammer :)

Yeah exactly, I call fake How did this even get moderated?

lmfao nice

this is exactly like the other one

It's just a joke. (:

Well I'm sure those tricks did work on the guy too, that fucking whore! YDI for not joining your wife in the bestiality.

all men are dogs..

Oo. Somebody has never gotten laid!

Not consensually. And I agree with nuttinick - a stripper's tricks would work even better.

Oh burn! Joke or not that's funny!

Not really... I seem to recall it only taking a few seconds and a flash of midget porn to train you to come on command, my dear DEAR Plexico :D

Oh, KaySL, Don't put yourself down. You're so damned sexy, we didn't get to the midget porn, you made me "Jizz in My Pants." Maybe next time at least one of us will be able to take off some of our clothes. Please stop being so hot ;)

Heeheeheeheeheehee*infinitum, you flatter me! :D STOP THAT -_-

YDI for dating someone into beastiality

GahhahahhHhHa I luv ur gf... Ydi for calling a dog stupid